| 28 Nov 2023
Arjun Kanungo to release 26 videos through one-year deal with Sony Music India

MUMBAI: Former metal band member, now turned singer/songwriter from Mumbai- Arjun Kanungo signed a year-long deal with Sony Music India in February, after discussions started in December 2014. Through the deal, Kanungo is expected to release as many as 26 music videos, of which a few have already been released under the music label, the singer revealed.

Kanungo also said that this contract with Sony is not restricted to music, the deal is also helping him venture into the acting field. "Even though Sony is managing my recordings and shows, it is also helping me get quite a few acting gigs," he said. Kanungo has studied Method Acting from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York City, and more recently from the Jeff Goldberg Studio in Mumbai.

"I was apprehensive about signing with a label and, in the past few years, I have turned down many. But after being signed under Sony, I am actually enjoying myself. I never thought I could enjoy myself with a music label," he further added.

Kanungo, who has toured with Asha Bhosle, also informed that he is currently working on a series of live music recording sessions, which will require him to perform in one single take. On musicians seldom achieving this feat, Kanungo opined, "Nowadays, people think, "Don't worry if it has not come out well, we will fix it in the studio." That is wrong. The original art in creating music is lost in this process." He further said that from his metal band days, he likes his music to be untainted and raw.

In addition to his solo act, Kanungo is also a part of a progressive electronic rock band called 'Far Travel Music', which released its debut EP 'Aphelion' last July. He also added that he jams with the band whenever he is free, but is currently busy with his solo project.

When asked about his musical influences, Kanungo cited Iron Maiden and Metallica, and said that he is a huge fan of Justin Timberlake. Being a trained Hindustani Classical singer, Kanungo said that he likes the works of Ustad Rashid Khan and Kumar Gandharv. He also said that he is a fan of American folk guitarist Andy McKee and also likes the works of Mozart, Beethoven and Bach.