| 25 Feb 2024
Tanuja Gomes Co-CEO, Co-Founder, Furtados School of Music shares her point of view on Budget

MUMBAI: Tanuja wears multiple hats through the day – entrepreneur, business woman, mother and wife. The co-founder of Furtados School of Music, Tanuja’s aim is to provide quality music education to students and adults. With stress levels and depression rates rising, Tanuja strongly believes music is the healing medium everyone should experience. From a business stand point, Furtados school of music has associated with 150+ schools across India and has managed to secure $2.5+ million worth of funding from investor groups. The aim is to expand the school’s presence outside India as well. 

Tanuja Gomes, CEO, Furtados school of music  says “The onset of Covid 19 pandemic has completely transformed the education sector. Every education company has become in a way an edtech company finding innovative methods to teach and help student in these special times. 
While the onset of the pandemic has caused a lot of disruption, it has also enabled and helped us transform this space with the maximum usage of digital tools to aide students. With the given focus on education, it is imperative that the entire sector receives a higher allocation of government budgets, atleast by 10-12%. NEP Policy and Extra-curricular activities – The NEP 2020 is a brilliant step in our education field, which focusses on extracurricular and vocational learning integrated with academics. This is a huge step and will help the future generation tremendously, giving an opportunity to every child to explore their potential. Companies which are focussing on such activities should be encouraged and special tax benefits should be considered for them. India is a home to over 63 million start up (MSME ministry data). The entire loan approval process for MSME’s needs to be simplified and reviewed. Last 12 months we have witnessed a huge inflow of investments, similarly we must also review the loans granted to EDtechs through government channels. Edtech sector should also be part of the benefits granted by the government to MSMEs which will enable positive impact and promote good education.”

About Tanuja: Tanuja has previously worked as the Head of Wealth Management (NRI) at HSBC Bank and at Barclays Bank as the Head of Premier Banking and Investments. She then co-founded Furtados School of Music in 2010 along with Ms. Dharini Upadhayaya.

About Furtados School Of Music: Furtados School of Music (FSM), today is a name synonymous with music education in the country. They are committed to bringing organized music education to children across age groups in partnership with leading schools in India. High is their latest initiative, to bring quality music learning right at the doorstep of music aspirants. 
Starting in 2011, in a short span of time FSM has grown not only terms of school and non-school centers , but also in terms of faculty, infrastructure and the variety of courses taught. Today there are more than 31 school and non-school FSM centers, imparting music education to over 15,000 students.  FSM faculty consists of highly motivated and passionate teachers drawn from a diverse mix of experienced and young musicians from India and abroad.The roster of instruments and programmes currently include piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, drums, violin and vocal and is continuously revamped to include demand for new instruments and programmes. Integral to FSM’s success is a world-class curriculum de signed by leading educators from across the world. The course is comprehensive and gives equal emphasis to music theory. It combines modern and effective methods of teaching with traditional elements of music learning.
With the vision to take music accessible to every music aspirant in the country Furtados and Furtados School of Music have now embarked on an ambitious retail dream of bringing quality and organized music learning to the doorstep of every music aspirant. HIGH currently provide private music lessons & teachers in Mumbai, India and will be soon available in other cities.