| 21 Feb 2024
TuneCore celebrates 15 years of empowering Independent artists

MUMBAI: TuneCore, the leading digital music distribution and publishing administration company for independent artists, today celebrates its 15th anniversary. The company will be making donations across the globe to organizations formed to keep live music venues afloat while providing relief for staff. The announcement was made today by Andreea Gleeson, Co-Head and Chief Revenue Officer and Matt Barrington, Co-Head and Chief Operating Officer of TuneCore.

In 2006, TuneCore disrupted the industry by introducing a flat fee digital distribution service, allowing independent artists to send their music to digital stores like iTunes.

The model then and today enables artists to pay a low annual flat fee per single or album and keep 100% of the revenue earned from stores and streaming services.

Said Gleeson, “What TuneCore did 15 years ago was groundbreaking. By removing the traditional barriers, pushing aside the major label gatekeepers, and putting artists in the driver's seat of their own careers without taking a percentage of their music sales, it democratized the music industry. Today, TuneCore continues to empower artists to sell their music online, market themselves, and build a career, all while keeping 100% of
100% of their revenue.”

“Over the years we’ve prioritized TuneCore’s initiatives by always putting artists first.”

Gleeson continued, “Today, independent artists make up the fastest growing sector of global music sales, and TuneCore is the worldwide leader in indie music distribution, so we know we’re doing it right.”

In October 2020, TuneCore artists hit the record-breaking milestone of $2 Billion earned by artists. The company currently pays an average of $1.2 million to artists each day.