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Yung Sammy: The multicultural Maverick making waves in the Delhi NCR Rap scene

MUMBAI: Rapper Yung Sammy opens up about his remarkable journey in the Delhi NCR music scene, in an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic.

From his first encounter with Hindi rap through Yo Yo Honey Singh's "Brown Rang" in 2012 to his breakthrough track "4x4" in 2023, Sammy's path has been a blend of dedication, cultural exploration, and artistic evolution. Coming from a deeply religious family, Sammy initially hesitated to pursue his passion but eventually found his stride with the support of friends and fellow artists. His latest track, "The Intro," sets the stage for DESI TRILL's debut project, "BROWN IS EVERYWHERE," showcasing his unique blend of Nigerian and Indian influences. Sammy's story is one of resilience, cultural fusion, and a relentless drive to make a global impact with his music.

Check interview below:

Can you tell us about your journey as a rapper making waves in the Delhi NCR music scene, and how your multicultural background influences your music style?

My journey so far has been amazing by Gods grace. I remember the first Hindi rap song I heard was by Yo YoHoney Singh - Brown Rang. That rhyming in Hindi was something interesting to me and I thought this is something I need to know more about. At that point I didn’t know I wanted to be a rapper, this was in 2012. Through Honey Singh I discovered a lot of Hindi rappers and then after a few years I decided I wanted to do it too. I come from a very religious home of priests so I wasn’t bold enough to tell them I want to be a rapper straight away, in my head it was serious but I didn’t have the resources to do it properly. Eventually, I met friends and artists and we’d make tracks then I dropped 4x4 in 2023 and that was the track that blew up. From there I met DESI TRILL and the rest is history! I’m blessed. You can expect lots of multicultural blending from me and bringing two cultures together.

Your latest track, "The Intro," has been receiving great attention. What inspired the creation of this song, and what message do you hope listeners take away from it?

The Intro was something I feel was needed at this point of time. Even though I’ve been in the scene for years, I feel this is the real start of my journey not only alone but DESI TRILL too. I’m about to drop my EP and many more on the way, it’s getting lots of attraction because I am answering a lot of questions people have. It addresses how many years I have been in India and my experiences, the languages I know and how multicultural the world is today. I am speaking in Hindi and rapping in GUJRI!

"The Intro" serves as a precursor to DESI TRILL's debut project, "BROWN IS EVERYWHERE." Can you give us some insight into what listeners can expect from this upcoming project?

The whole EP is out now and you can see all different flavours and sounds from all the artists. Myself, Natania, Naisha, Subhi, Mumzy and DJ LYAN - this is all about the culture, BROWN IS EVERYWHERE! Everything is new and that’s what DESI TRILL stands for - all about the culture.

How do you approach blending different musical influences and genres to create your unique sound, and what role does diversity play in your artistic expression?

I feel culture plays a big role especially with me as an artist. Obviously, I was born in Nigeria but I grew up in India. I’ve been amongst different cultures, not just mine but also all the different cultures in India. It plays a big role in my artistic expression with writing and rapping.

As an emerging artist, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career, and how do you envision DESI TRILL's impact on the music industry?

I feel my vision and DESI TRILL’s vision matches together. The impact of the music is gonna be huge, not even 10 years or 20 years from now but every second counts. Every new listener is adding to and seeing the impact of what we are doing. Of course it’ll take time to really blow but we are moving the dial every day. Whatever God wants it’ll happen but we are putting it to work! I want to be the artist that you can hear any corner of the world and you wonder who is this?