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Features |  25 Nov 2015 17:55 |  By RnMTeam

Five acts that could make into your playlist post NH7 Pune

MUMBAI: With every edition, NH7 Weekender has always brought with it a fun atmosphere, loads of entertainment and some brilliant music. And while music fans are impatiently waiting for the ‘happiest music festival’ to hit the remaining three cities – Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru – attendees can be sure of experiencing some great new artists. Here are five music acts we think will make your playlist after attending NH7 Weekender Pune.

Pierce Brothers

These twins from Melbourne are born performers. Their live sets may remind you of John Butler trio, and their ability to get a crowd moving is another quality that the brothers share with the trio. However, with pop-folk at its base, Pierce Brothers is surely one of the best acts to have emerged from the Australian continent. Success for Jack and Pat Pierce did not come easy- from busking on the streets to playing for festivals that pull a crowd in five-digit figures- and their ‘Into The Dirt’ tour (EP produced by John Butler trio’s Jan Skubiszewski) is set to conclude at the Weekender.
Pierce Brothers will also perform in Delhi and Bengaluru for the Weekender before heading to Pune.

Duncun Rufus

Comprising of Bliss Logic’s Lima Yanger, Airport’s Vinay Lobo and Popface’s (Norway) Gaute Johannesen, Duncan Rufus is a contemporary pop-folk outfit from Mumbai, with JD of Bliss Logic on bass and Sleeping Buddha’s guitarist Hitesh Dhutia. The band’s creativity extends to videos with their single ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ being the best example. Sonically, the band has the energy and rhythm to drive you into tapping your feet creating an atmosphere that makes them ideal for Weekender.

With a minimum budget, a really huge bed sheet and over 12k views, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ is the band’s most popular track.

The Map Room

What started as casual demos turned into full-fledged tracks that duo (Brendon Morrow and Simon Gooding) performs at tour venues. Inspired in part by their travels through South America, The Map Room creates a sound which makes the same amount of impact through their dynamic setup including synthesizers, piano and electric guitar, however, their acoustic set is equally effective and crafty.

Erotic Market

Formed in 2012, Erotic Market is a French duo who uses elements of noise music, raw sounds and synth-pop to create a product that is difficult to be put under a specific genre. Marine Pelle-grini and Lucas Garnier are joined, in studio and on stage, by two other instrumentalists. Apart from guitars, bass, drums and keys, Erotic Market plays with voices and electronic manipulations, thus makes their usual setup in live shows.

Erotic Market will also be performing at NH7 Weekender Bengaluru.

Here’s what you can expect -


Since releasing their debut studio album ‘Galore’ in 2014, British band Thumpers toured around the UK, US and Europe, making news fans as they explore more territories. The newest addition to the list of festivals they are playing at is NH7 Weekender. The four-piece indie pop outfit creates a vibrant, textural pop music and their live sets simply demand your body to shake to the groove.