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Features |  26 Jan 2016 12:19 |  By RnMTeam

What makes the 'voices' of Bollywood proud about the country?

MUMBAI: As citizens of this pulchritudinous country India, we are going to celebrate our 67th Republic day. We honor the date 26 January because our constitution came into force from this day. In spite of many difficulties, our Nation achieved a lot and it is still blossoming day by day. Each citizen must be having his or her thought for the country regarding the achievements and changes. Let us know how our singers ponder upon it.

Kailash kher:  The best achievement our country has gained is nothing else but ‘Yoga’. Yoga is our conventional wisdom, our lifestyle. It is the way of life and proudly speaking our current authority made it possible to get Yoga accepted by the whole world. Otherwise still in many countries, people still ask, where is India and what is it? Certainly, we have fame because of the achievement.  I want to congratulate the recent leadership. Because of their efforts, India gained one of its biggest achievements.

Meiyang Chang: Apart from the economical and technological achievements, the biggest one, which is in the bag of our country, is ‘unity in diversity’. Even if not 100 percent then also up largely. I wish we should maintain that. Also, the mass moment that Anna Hazare and C.M of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal back then to root out corruption. The whole Nation stood united. The solidarity created was a sight to admire. Something mega like this happened before our independence.

Monali Thakur:  At this point, the hardships and tough phase the country is going through makes it an inappropriate timing for the question.  For me to talk about the countries achievements, it will not be natural to boast about amazing things India is doing or have done in the past. Right now is the stage that I am quite disappointed as a citizen, even with my own self. I am saying this from a very personal space. I am definitely happy for the efforts our country is making but sadly, the country has bigger issues and problems which are to be resolved. I wish the Nation to think of about the country’s complications not only this Republic day but also every day. We shall take steps on fixing them instead wasting energy and time on unnecessary arguments. I want to see a problem free scenario throughout the year.

Raghav Sachar: With the number of children, immunized everyday because of the awareness campaigns and polio booth in every part of our country, we have achieved our goal of polio eradication.  Gladly, this success of my country makes me feel proud. I hope just like polio other diseases get vanish soon.

Shibani kashyap: Lately, India has become entirely global. Our National pride has increased. There are the ones who say there is intolerance in the country but I do not agree. There is a lot of tolerance and it is on its way to absolute progress. Still big changes in terms of pollution, traffic and population are much required. Even the efforts made in Delhi with the odd even formula, it was very affective. I did go to Delhi at that time and found the change but unfortunately, the effective step cancelled and everything back to normal. We need to make some radical movements to bring about these changes. Until and unless the very radical movements not brought up, change is not going to happen.

Shweta pandit: Though it is difficult to pin point any one achievement but I am impressed with the steps taken taking hygiene into consideration.  Because of the efforts made by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi soon we are going to witness a Swacch Bharat. I am happy they are taking on cleanliness that is the need of the hour. I would like to congratulate Mr.Modi for this achievement. I really hope to see my country, India clean and prove it incredible India.