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Features |  01 Jun 2016 14:12 |  By Ojasvi Nath

Mood set, eager to get wet: Singers on Mumbai rains

MUMBAI: Anxious wait for the rains to wash out the soggy summer and sunny skies leads to frustration. But then the thought of those crystal clear droplets touching one, manage to vanish it all. 

We at connected with a few beautiful voices of the Bollywood industry to know their plans for the not-too-far monsoon. 

Darshan Raval:  "The summer sun was not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belonged to the rain" -  This quote  just fits right for this young singer who is at his creative best during the rains. “The Mumbai rains welcomed me to the city and they are the same rains that get the best out of me. I create my enrtire years song bank during  monsoon,” said Raval.

Anusha Mani- "It is nice when someone holds an umbrella for you under the rain, but it is nicer when someone holds your hand and together you run under the rain” - The playback singer who is romantic at heart is looking forward to enjoying the rains with her better half. “I would go on a long drive with my husband,” said she.

Anusha also spoke about water conservation during the rains and voiced out the need to save water. “We waste around 50 liters of water while brushing teeth as the tap continues to flow water rapidly,” explained the singer. 

Ami Mishra- "Rain Rain go away, come again another day” - Who hasn't heard of these nursery rhyme lines and they seem to just fit right for Ami. The musician is not too fond of the rains, but they do help him create the best tunes. “Although, not a great fan of the rainy season, I still go out with my friends and have fun,” averred Mishra. 

Toshi Sabri- "Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby” - The music director is a huge fan of the muddy season as he eagerly waiting for the rains to hit the city. “I love to drive on the Bandra-Worli sea link as it showers in Mumbai. I open the rooftop of my car and let the drizzle wet my face,” said Toshi.

Yashita Sharma- "Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book." The singer shares these thoughts with Bill Watterson as she prefers staying back home and spend some quality time with family during rains. “I go and get wet in rains, grab a book, a cup of coffee and spend lots of time with my family,” said the artiste.  At times, the songstress even goes to Lonavala with her mother and dogs.

Divya Kumar-“Let it rain let it pour, don’t forget to explore”- Is a quote that Divya Kumar completely lives by. Recollecting his college days the singer narrated that he used to make it a point to drive to hill stations close to Mumbai.  He wouldn't mind doing the same this season provided the rains bless the city sometime soon. “I am just waiting for the rain as the heat is getting unbearable in Mumbai and I so want to plan my next trip,” stated  Divya.

Shahid Mallya- “Allah (SWT) knows what is best for us, so why should we complain. We always want the sunshine but he knows there must be rain” - The singer said that Ramzan is approaching and so are the rains thus, he wishes for it to be a blissful one. Not just for Mumbai , but also for other parts of the country. 

Talking about his plans for rains he stated, “After Eid, I am planning to go on a road trip to Mahabaleshwar with my friends and then to Lonavala."