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Features |  10 Oct 2016 13:32 |  By RnMTeam

Popular RJs pick their favourite retro tracks

Songs are magical in the truest sense. They can make you smile and cry; they can make you laugh, even frown at times. But, this musical emotional connect reaches a high when connected with retro songs. The classics that have and will always be close to our hearts. Capturing the nostalgic aroma is Sony MIX’s soothing show, Raina Beeti Jaye-Jashn. It’s a must watch for all.

You need not necessarily be a diehard retro fan, but you will definitely have that one favourite retro song and so do these popular radio jockeys.

RJ Anmol (Radio Nasha)

‘Mein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya’ is my favourite retro song. It has great music by Jaidev and lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi. The song gives you a mantra to live life.

I remember watching this song as a kid, between watching songs of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. The song used to always amaze me. How a man (Dev Anand) smoking a cigarette talks about getting over the issues and worries of life with every puff of smoke he releases, never ceased to amaze me!

RJ Siddharth (Big FM)

It’s difficult to select one song but ‘Raah Pe Rahte Hai’ from ‘Namkeen’ is one of my favourites. It was a Gulzaar Saab film. The music of this song ‘Raah Pe Rahte Hai’ takes you on a journey and you need not be travelling for it! This journey could also be an emotional one. The song depicts life beautifully.

Since the song is shot in the hills, it gets you the feel of folk music also with the fresh breeze of the hills. This also turns out to be my favourite because I like the hills a lot. I love travelling in the hilly terrains.

RJ Naved (Radio Mirchi)

I love listening to ‘Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi’.  I usually play new songs on my show, but I listen to retro songs while travelling to just recharge my mind.

RJ Rishi (Red FM)

‘Oye Oye’ from ‘Tridev’ is definitely one of my favourites. The music is beautifully done plus the actors in the song look larger than life and so does the set.

RJ Sayema (Radio Mirchi)

‘Kuch Dil Ne Kaha’ from ‘Anupama’ is a song I like because we believe in the language of words. But, there is a lot that can be said in the absence of words. This could be through our gestures, eye contact and many other ways. This song explains the language of unspoken words beautifully.

RJ Gaurav (Radio City)

‘Mein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya’ a song by Mohd. Rafi is the one that I personally like because the words of this song are very motivating. The person in the song, Dev Saab, is willing to move on and that's a message I like to live with.

This was also Jaidev and Sahir Ludhianvi’s last hit together - that's something I learnt during my first meeting with Dev Saab.

Re-live the magic of old songs like your favourite stars.  Don’t miss to watch Raina Beeti Jaye- Jashn every night at 10pm on Sony MIX.