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Features |  05 May 2018 18:00 |  By RnMTeam

Six benefits of dating a musician

MUMBAI: Dating a musician could be exciting, albeit you are extremely patient. If you have a basic liking for music and have found a musician worth dating, don’t let people tell you otherwise. While many might write it off saying, “it was fun during college time”, one can’t refuse the sheer kick of dating a quirky musician. In college, it was every girl’s dream to date a guitarist and boys were smitten by a singing beauty. Other than showing off to everyone your maverick date, here are six benefits of dating a musician.

Playlists: While most of your friends will be playing the same done to death songs, you will have an edge of playing some really cool music at house parties, in your car or load your personal player with rare gems. This will increase your cool quotient and definitely make you the most sought after and go-to person for music advice.

Show-off:  This is never a good thing to do with your friends but sometimes it’s no harm. It’s so much better to show off your partner’s music skills than his bank balance. What would make it more interesting, is the fact when you narrate some really fascinating anecdotes or stories that he tells you in person. Also, let’s not forget, his/her connections in the industry. It could get you an entry in clubs, live shows, backstage and selfie opportunities in abundance.

Romantic: Ok, this could be an assumption. But even if he/she is practising or rehearsing their new work, it would seem like it’s for you. However, one can’t overlook that there could be times when he/she composes something especially for you. It could be an occasion for your birthday, anniversary, or maybe the day they create a tune becomes an occasion in itself. Creative people are forgetful; hence if they forget an occasion, blackmail them to compose something for you. That gift shall be treasured forever.

Speed dial 4 am friend: Wrong to generalise, but musicians tend to be awake at night, as they think it’s the most conducive time for them to compose/write. You will never miss having a 4 am friend. Want a quick chat, he/she is there. Want to hang-out, quickly check with them.

Low maintenance: Musicians are so consumed with their art that they rarely bother about other things. Therefore, if you want to lead your own life and not answer, Why didn’t you call, why no message, why are you talking to him/her; musicians are the best option you can have.

Fix my mood: Just imagine, every time we are in a bad mood, we listen to soothing music to relax our nerves. Here, we would have our personal jukebox, just a call away. Plus, they would know your favourite songs and would sing/play the same for you.