|  07 Feb 2022

'India has lost a great daughter', Manmohan Singh expresses grief

MUMBAI: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has offered condolences on the demise of legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar who passed away on Sunday morning and said India has lost its great daughter.

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 |  01 May 2018

Gems of South Indian music industry

MUMBAI: Despite the thriving Hindi Film Industry, South India developed its own Film Industry, which has always been on a boom. All major states in South India have flourishing film industries and thus music industries too.

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 |  23 Apr 2018

Five most popular music instrument makers/dealers in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Musician shopping for instruments could be equivalent to a woman shopping for jewellery-sacrosanct. Thus, reaching the right dealer turns out to be extremely important. Mumbai has multiple shops and manufacturers of musical instruments that cater to all kinds of music.

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 |  12 Apr 2018

International Singers who shot their famous songs on Indian soil

MUMBAI: DJ Snake’s love for India is known to all. The French producer, who showcased India beautifully in his popular song, Lean On alongside Major Laser is back to the land that inspires him a lot.

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 |  29 Mar 2018

Rarely played Indian instruments

MUMBAI: Indian music is known for its legendary stories and quirky trivia. Indian music is as diverse as the culture, and so are the instruments. Many of these instruments have been modified and further adapted to relevant types.

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 |  28 Feb 2018

Let's hear it from Fitness Industry experts about connection of music with exercise

MUMBAI:  Holiday season is over, but memories of it are visible on our bodies. With summer on the advent, holiday weight needs to be ridden off at the earliest. So, work-out is the agenda and what is workout without some rocking music.

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 |  14 Feb 2018

Musicians share their fondest Valentine's memories

MUMBAI: They have sung/ composed some of the most romantic songs, but let’s have a look at their fondest memories of Valentine’s Day.

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 |  10 Feb 2018

Are Indian artiste taken less seriously than international?

MUMBAI: The old Hindi saying, ‘Ghar ki murgi daal barabar’ stands true, when it comes to attending concerts for Indian audiences. They prefer attending an international star’s concert instead of their homegrown talent.

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 |  31 Jan 2018

These music composers not just created music but history

MUMBAI: The vast legacy of Bollywood Music has seen emergence of many music directors, who composed songs that coined the term of Bollywood music.

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 |  22 Jan 2018

The phenomena of never-ending trend of Punjabi Music in Bollywood

MUMBAI: Over the years, Bollywood has become synonymous with the Punjabi traditions, special thanks to Yash Raj Films. With Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, directorial debut of Aditya Chopra, the trend of songs based on Punjabi culture in films intensified and the same started reflecting i

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 |  17 Jan 2018

Beyond the vibrant Bhangara lies the soothing Punjabi Spiritual Music

MUMBAI: In the age of fast-paced music and pop stars emerging everyday and vanishing the very next day, it’s heartening to see almost every home-grown music label having a segment for devotional music. What is even more heart-warming is to see this segment is flourishing even today.

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 |  27 Oct 2017

10 best songs of Anuradha Paudwal

MUMBAI: Padma Shri Anuradha Paudwal who has always been a prominent voice of the industry in the 90’s era is celebrating her birthday today.

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