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Interviews |  18 Apr 2016 17:57 |  By RnMTeam

Meet the Malik brothers: Amaal and Armaan

MUMBAI: Musical siblings Armaan Malik and Amaal Mallik, showcased their exceptional talent last week in a Live-Unplugged session at the Fever FM studios. The duo was present to celebrate the success of their new song 'Bol Do Na Zara' from Azhar.

Since last year, the young good-looking siblings have taken the music industry by storm with their fresh sound.

Excerpts from an interview with the brothers:

Another song 'Bol Do Na Zara' has hit a million views. How does it feel?

Amaal: With ‘Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon’, the expectations of fans leveled up. People thought it would be tough to reach that level again. However, it happened again with ‘Bol Do Na Zara’.

Armaan: We teamed up with Emraan Hashmi again and managed to give another hit. This song is really close to my heart as my career could take off with this romantic number.  

Amaal, tell us the secret behind creating your songs. Do you use compositions from your stock or are they situation based?

See, sometimes there is a song I have created earlier that goes naturally well in the film and sometimes I have to listen to the situation and then produce accordingly. It works both ways. I always try to ensure that the song I make supports the film.

You are new to the music industry. Appreciation is desirable but criticism is inevitable. How do you handle criticism?

Armaan: Well, criticism is a part of life and I take it in a positive way. If we do not take criticism, we would not be able to perform better. We actually need to know our flaws to enhance our skills. It is not always good to have lovers; it is good to have haters as well.

Amaal: Following Armaan’s perception, for me haters are different and critics are different.  Random people may not like Armaan or hate him because he is a talented singer. They may not like us because of the love we receive from our fans. If you hate someone, better use that hate to make he or she better as a person.

Armaan, singers are turning actors nowadays. Are you willing to take up acting as well?

No, I am not serious about acting at all. My love is music. Acting can possibly take place if, by chance, I get to appear in any musical project, 'Aashiqui' and 'Rockstar' to name a few, essaying as a musician or singer. Nevertheless, if something exciting comes my way, I would not say no. In addition, I am going to feature in my music video soon. You can then see me acting in it.

We see Armaan as more of a glamorous person and you (Amaal) as an introvert. Is this true to some extent?

Armaan is Instagram and Twitter ready (chuckles). We are a good mix. I become glamorous when required, like in award functions. Otherwise, I always like being in my musician avatar, wearing a T-shirt, pajama, long hairdo and slightly grown beard.

Armaan on the other hand is a singer who has to be presentable. Additionally, he does many stage shows. He wants to be a youth icon so for that journey one has to look up to the mark. I have so many films lined up so am unable to pay heed to my overall personality. I like to be chilled out and Armaan likes to be perfect in that way.

We talked about criticism. What about a compliment both of you received from a senior artiste from the industry?

Armaan: Oh! I got my life’s biggest compliment from my idol, Sonu Nigam. A few days ago, somebody asked him in an interview about his favourite upcoming singers in the industry and he took my name. Now that's what we call an award!

Amaal: Salman sir (Salman Khan) gave me my life’s first break with Jai Ho. The other song was ‘Sooraj Dooba’ from the film 'Roy' for which Bhushan sir mentored me. The song did quite well and Salman sir called me and said that I made a wonderful song and doing excellent job. I felt top of the world as I started my career with him. At least I managed to make a place in his life and he trusted a guy with talent. My work being appreciated because of my hard work not my surname. Salman sir believed I could do well and I am doing well.

What are your upcoming projects?

Amaal: The 'Azhar' album is out. I am doing three other films, 'M.S Dhoni', 'Sarabjeet', and 'Baar Baar Dekho' with Katrina and Siddharth. Armaan has sung with me in a few films and is working with other music directors too.

Armaan: I have sung a few songs with Jeet Ganguly and Meet bros but not sure about the movies. Of course, there's my single, to which both Amaal and I are looking forward.