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Interviews |  13 May 2020 14:20 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Arzutraa: My biggest inspirations are Shreya Ghoshal from the East and Mariah Carey from the West

MUMBAI: Singer Arzutraa was always fond of Bollywood inspite of being born and brought up in the UK all her life.

During an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, Arzutra shared about her music and challenges in life. The singer exclaimed that she is highly inspired by Shreya Ghoshal and is coming up with her own album which is soon to release.

Could you tell us more about your music?

At one point in my career I was super concerned about having to choose one particular genre or style of music. I soon came to the realisation that I will make music in any genre I wish to make. So, my music now reflects my own moods. If I am happy, I will make a happy song. If I am sad, I will make a sad song. If I feel like dancing, I will make an upbeat song. I do not limit myself when it come to the music. I will give my fans what I myself want to hear. I have a growing fanbase and I am becoming aware that this isn’t just about me. It’s about my fans. However, to serve them I need to serve myself first. I am very much still in experimental phase (even after 5 years of my first single launch in 2015). And I am not ashamed to say that. I strongly believe that all artists need to evolve.

Who has been your inspiration over the years?

My biggest inspiration has come from two singers in the main. Shreya Ghoshal from the East and Mariah Carey from the West. They have inspired me to the degree that not a day goes by without me listening to their music. As of the last few years I have also started being inspired by some Opera Singers such as Maria Callas. I believe every Artist must be inspired by someone. I am not inspired by many but these few role models are enough for me.

What were the challenges you had to go through?

One of my biggest challenges that I faced was being told I cannot sing in Hindi. Apparently, I did not possess the accent. In addition to this I was told I couldn’t sing too (by my first to be Music Producer who I really wanted to work with but rejected me). It was like I wasn’t good enough. I do believe that I am where I am because I was so determined to prove people wrong. I never had a dream to be a singer. I just love the arts and anything creative. Singing was an artform that allowed me the freedom to follow something creative. However, I underestimated how long the road was to prove them all wrong. 14 singles and one debut album later and I am still on that road now.

Tell us some of your memorable moments that you made through in your journey?

One of my most memorable moments was my first ever event which was in front of 10,000 people at a Mela in UK. I remember I went on stage and my legs were like jelly. I actually couldn’t feel my legs at all. Then I remembered saying to myself in my head “Arzutra just get a grip”

Who has given you the best advice that still stayed with you?

I learnt a phrase recently from a motivational speaker Earl Nightingale. He said “if in doubt, do your work, if still in doubt – do your work. I am a workaholic. So, I can relate to this. We all have self-doubts. I have them all the time. But when I read this statement on my wall, it’s a reminder that there’s no shortcut. You got to keep going.

Could you tell us the learnings that you must have received over the years?

Each day is a learning for me. Every second I am learning what I could do better. A few things have been major breakthroughs for me are 1. Watch my competitors but don’t be obsessed with them. If there’s anyone I need to be obsessed with its my own self. 2. Give to the fans as much as I possibly can. That means minimising gaps between songs. 3. Lastly don’t stop the music. Even during the coronavirus, I have been working with my Music Producer and Video directors online to carry on working on new projects (without going to the studio of course).

“I am working towards launching my second album (fingers crossed in 2020). I may decide to call it Arzutra. Its consuming all my time right now. The first album was hard work but the second is even harder. It doesn’t get any easier as you climb up the ladder” the singer sign off.