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Interviews |  16 Oct 2020 17:13 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Anusha Mani speaks about song 'Nafarmani' consisting of all emotions summed into one!

MUMBAI: Singer, lyricist and popularly known as The Voice of Gulaabo, Anusha Mani dropped a new single “Nafarmani”, beautifully composed by Goldie Sohel and penned by Manoj Yadav under TM Music.

Boasting a success streak with her songs in Bollywood such as ‘Gulaabo’ (Shaandaar), ‘Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na’ (Chennai Express), ‘Lehrein’ (Aisha), ‘Lazy Lamhe’ (Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic), ‘Zara Dil ko Thaam Lo’ (Don 2) and Dil Me Jaagi (Dev D). During an exclusive interview with Anusha, she shared a gist about the story behind her new single and the on-going series of cover songs 'Carmonies'. The singer delves into her life at home during lockdown by finding a “New her”

Check the interview below:

What does your new single “Nafarmani” consist of? Give us a gist of what’s the song's story and idea behind the track.

‘Nafarmani’ means disobedience and the entire song can be summed up in one emotion, the feeling of helplessness when you lose control over your heart when you’re in love. The song talks about how the heart has its own Will and how it’s a slave to the one it loves. The song has been beautifully composed by Goldie Sohel, I composed a small ad lib section in the beginning and Manoj Yadav who had written my single ‘Savera’ previously has written this song. I just fell in love with the word ‘Nafarmani’ and for me the whole song revolves around this word. Sunny and Somashu have produced it and we’ve been very fortunate to have it launched by TM Music.

Watch here:

Share with us your experience about the new normal of recording and shooting?

This lockdown has turned everything upside down for all industries.  Times are such that I have had to make a full-fledged studio at home and have now invested in ring lights, a camera etc., just to be able to work from home and avoid venturing out. This song however was recorded in a studio and shot professionally by a crew with utmost care and strict protocols were followed. I don’t think this will ever feel normal and I only hope we can overcome this hurdle soon.

Give us a gist of the on-going series of cover songs 'Carmonies'.

My husband Sangeet and I had this ritual before the lockdown where we sang in the car while in a traffic jam and uploaded it. During the lockdown we realised we missed doing that and my management TM Talent Management gave this suggestion to package it better and make it a series. Sangeet is a genius when it comes to harmonies. He harmonises full songs in a matter of minutes and I am getting to learn so much in the process. Of course, the social media engagement and encouragement feels wonderful and I am so grateful for that. We recently completed 4 months of carmonies and can’t wait for many more covers to unravel.

Tell us some of your memorable moments that you made through in your journey.

There are so many beautiful moments like working with artists like Amit Trivedi and Sachin-Jigar in the beginning of my career, Shankar Mahadevan ji giving me my first playback song in Johnny Gaddar and many more after. Being nominated for Filmfare for Gulaabo, meeting my husband and making music with him, above all else is growing and learning and trying to do better every single day.

How have you been primarily spending your time in quarantine?

This quarantine I’ve seen a new me. It’s been challenging and exciting. It’s given me a lot of time to think about how I want to utilise my time. Keeping good company, doing things that uplift me, singing, reading, working out. Learning cooking has been of course the most fun and challenging of all. I’ve written a lot of songs with my husband during this lockdown, collaborated on two songs with other composers, ‘Nafarmani’ being one that’s just been released. I’ve learnt that practising gratitude is the only way to stay positive through this time.