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Interviews |  17 Jan 2022 16:14 |  By Tolika Yeptho

See what Sarthak Kalyani, Reena Gilbert, YTL29, Keshuv, Metropeace and Shourya have instore for Songfest's 'Xplore'

MUMBAI: Songfest introduced their own digital IP called "Xplore", an online video fete, where 6 artists have been selected from across India. Xplore will provide a platform to the upcoming talented musicians to create their music videos, distribute their tracks and help them reach a wider audience base.

Radioandmusic got in touch with 6 artists Sarthak Kalyani, Reena Gilbert, YTL29, Keshuv, Metropeace and Shourya who have been selected from across India to know what they have in store for their audience.

Check the interview below:

Sarthak Kalyani: “I am a singer/songwriter, trained in classical music and I write music as an independent artist. Besides, I also sing, produce, arrange, and program music for other music composers. With Songfest Xplore, I collaborated as a singer/songwriter and sang ‘Saahiba’. I produced the song and the team at Songfest helped me produce the video. I had a lot of fun composing, arranging, and singing this beautiful song written by my dear friend Satyansh Rajat. The song is out there now, and I hope that the listeners will appreciate it.”

Reena Gilbert: “I started my journey in music since the time I was studying engineering. My first single ‘Majboori’ came out in the year 2020 which was written, composed, and mixed by me. As far as Xplore is concerned, I am very thankful to Songfest for fulfilling my dream to be heard on a big-ticket platform. Songfest has encouraged a lot of individual talents. With Songfest backing artists, I am glad that we will get to hear a lot of new and exciting songs in the coming days.”

YTL29: “Our band is called YTL29 and it represents our background from where we come from ‘Yavatmal’. The reason we have named our band YTL29 is because nobody has gained popularity from Yavatmal. Our band is made up of 3 people, Akshay Nimkar, Bhaskar and Aadi with the latest additions being Akshay Adane, Dinesh, Rupak and Rugwed. We have been quite fortunate to get selected for Songfest Xplore and we are thankful to get this opportunity to showcase our talent in front of such a large number of viewers. The platform has given a fair chance to everyone, even people from smaller cities are encouraged to come up if they are talented.

Keshuv: "I'm a singer-songwriter, film composer and music producer. A proud KM Music Conservatory, Chennai alumni, I started getting music education quite early in childhood from hindustani classical to western classical. My first official project as a film composer was in 2018 for a feature film ‘Life of an Outcast’ which is streaming on Netflix. And there's been no looking back since. My song for Xplore, ‘Yaar Aya Hai’, is quite close to my heart as it was born out of a personal experience. A few years ago, I was very excited to see someone after a long time and that's when the phrase "Yaar Aaya Hai" struck me, and I just sat on the piano and composed the motif around which I weaved the whole song.

I want to thank Songfest who saw potential in me and my music and provided me with a platform on such a large scale with a proper video that really captured the emotions perfectly.”

Metropeace: We are a Pune-based Rock Band, playing and exploring our music ever since our inception in 2020.

The lineup includes Rahul, Pranit, Anveya, Ronak. Discovering our sound has been an interesting journey as all four of us come from a wide spectrum of influences like Classic Rock, Jazz Fusion, Indie, the early 2000s, Indian/Pakistani Bands, etc. Currently, we are working on writing songs and hoping to release some fine music hopefully by 2022. Our song ‘Kuch meri Yaadein’ talks about a lot of emotions that one might experience while reminiscing their loved one. We appreciate being a part of Xplore and want to thank the team at Songfest for being so welcoming and professional all throughout our journey.”

Shourya: “As far as music is concerned, I am a student. I was trained under my semi-classical teacher Devendra Deokar, who greatly influenced me. My music career began 2 years back, and my first song was ‘Junglee’. My song for Xplore is, ‘Tu Maane Nahi’ is quite relatable to anyone and everyone. In this song I speak about my past love, the drama, the jealousy, and the euphoria that a person feels about their loved ones. I hope viewers will connect with this song and I hope I am able to create that space wherein memories of how all of us have tried to convince that one special person in our life. I am deeply thankful to Songfest for the music video they made for my song”.