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News |  22 Sep 2015 21:36 |  By RnMTeam

Dhruv Visvanath feels blessed to be associated with Vishal Dadlani, Keshav Dhar and Viraj Mohan for debut album

MUMBAI: With a debut album named after the star constellation ‘Orion’, indie musician Dhruv Visvanath has some great plans to ensure it catches the attention of music lovers. And by getting the album under Vishal Dadlani’s label V.L.T (Vishal Likes This), and becoming the first musical work under Dadlani’s label, Visvanath has garnered the right attention in the indie and mainstream music space.

Not long ago Dadlani announced Visvanath as the first signing under his label. Commenting on the association, Visvanath said, “We meet in Hyderabad at a gig where he was playing with his band-Pentagram. I was planning to record the album this year, and that was when Vishal heard about it. He was very enthusiastic about my album and offered me this opportunity.”

A grade four-pianist, Visvanath, who is the songwriter, lyricist and vocalist on the album, released ‘Orion’ – a concept album - as he wanted to showcase his music writing skills. Visvanath started work on 14-track album in January 2015 and with a “lot of effort” has managed to release it. “The album consists of material that I have written over the last two years. The album has sounds that are very different from the type of songs I generally write,” he said of his debut album.

Also involved in the creation of the album was Skyharbor's Keshav Dhar who runs Illusion Studios. Visvanath revealed that while ‘Orion’ is produced by Visvanath, Dhar and Viraj Mohan, it is mastered by Miles Showell at the Abbey Road Studios UK. “This was possible only because of Vishal. If not for his support, I am unsure of how these associations would be possible. It is a pleasure to have names like Keshav Dhar and Viraj Mohan, produce the album, and getting it mastered at Abbey Road Studios is a blessing,” expressed Visvanath. The singer/songwriter is also hopeful the album will soon be promoted under Dadlani’s guidance.

A music video for ‘The Enigma’, of the tracks from the album, has been released it is likely that Visvanath will release one more music video soon. He added that the video for ‘The Enigma’ is one of the darkest videos he has ever made, and he enjoyed it as well. Visvanath who is seen playing a guitar in the video, owns nine guitars and gave away his first guitar to charity.

‘Orion’ can be downloaded at OK Listen, which is also the digital distributor of the album. For streaming, the album is available on Rdio, Spotify and Apple Music. “OK Listen is a good platform for indie artists as it helps connect with various other platforms,” expressed Visvanath. The album will also be released in physical format as part of merchandise.  

‘Orion’ was released on 19 September in New Delhi.