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News |  05 Nov 2015 21:29 |  By Suhas Thobbi

MTVi Xtreme: Can we hope for another Indus Creed-Slash reunion?

MUMBAI: In 1996, MTV expanded its viewership by launching its channel in the sub-continent space, starting with India. Indus Creed, which had been around for over 10 years at the time, performed at the launch gig which took place in Bangalore. The 1996 gig, however, comprised of an element that Indus Creed never had the fortune of experiencing before; the band was joined by the then guitarist of Guns N Roses- Slash.

Fast forward 19 years later, and we have quite a similar scenario. The iconic guitarist returns to the country with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, with two shows lined up in Mumbai and Bengaluru, on 7 November and 14 November, respectively. Three Indian bands will open for Slash and his band at MTVi Xtreme 2015, and it is only fitting to ensure Indus Creed is one of them. A lot has changed for both, Slash and Indus Creed, since their musical rendezvous, which ended with the musicians covering popular tracks like Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Red House’, Alice Cooper’s ‘Under My Wheels’ and The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’. Recalling the epic moment, Uday Benegal of Indus Creed said, “We were asked to play for the launch. And just like everyone, we were surprised when Slash asked to join us. We were honoured and covered some classics leaving everyone in sheer awe.”

Just a year later Indus Creed went on a hiatus, only to regroup once again in 2008. The band has never looked back (although it has every ‘successful’ reason to) and continued doing what it does best- mesmerise. The band’s latest attempt of doing the same came through their performance on the second day of Harley Rock Riders. Indus Creed played a track ‘Still In Flight’ from their soon-to-be-released EP, enforcing everyone in attendance to transcend into a space that promotes ‘being free’. Unfortunately, time restrictions did not allow the band to play the EP’s other two tracks ‘Paperwalls’ and ‘In Circle’.

However, before Indus Creed gets to open for the guitar God on 14 November in Bengaluru, marking almost two years since he last visited the city, Slash will perform in Mumbai on 7 November for MTVi Xtreme. Opening for him will be three bands- Them Clones, Thermal and a Quarter, and Ginger Feet. Them Clones, who completed 15 years in the scene this August, is raring to be on the stage for what could possibly be the biggest event for rock and roll in India this year. The band, which is working on a new line-up, often gets support from Faridkot’s bassist for their live performances.

Surojit Dev, drummer of Them Clones, spoke about the exciting development. “Of course, such moments count. I mean, you grow up listening to these musicians.” Dev believes the ease of technology that has led to more bedroom producers than ever, is another positive development. “Well, if it’s a well produced act, then why not? Good music is good music.” Them Clones had earned quite a name in the Delhi circuit, but their ‘moment’ came when the band participated in Channel V’s ‘Launchpad’. When asked about reality talent hunts like ‘Launchpad’ and ‘The Stage’, Dev had nothing but praise for such initiatives- a feeling echoed by Benegal.

In Bengaluru, Indus Creed will be joined by Motherjane, Skrat and Rocazaurus, and who knows, Slash may once again pull a surprise ‘jam’ with Indus Creed for the thousands in attendance, a sight that only few fans were fortunate enough to cherish.