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News |  26 Nov 2015 20:23 |  By RnMTeam

Exclusive: Avneesh Gadgil releases debut single 'Pie in the Sky'

MUMBAI: Dreams can be demanding, but this does not stop one from chasing them. Avneesh Gadgil - a new musician on block, yet not very new to the music space – is all set to live his dream with the release of his first single ‘Pie in the Sky’. The song is a part of his first EP of the same name. The completely instrumental EP will consist of three songs, and the first single has been exclusively released with (below).

The musician researched quite a bit before finalising the name of his EP and his first single – ‘Pie In The Sky’. He explained that the entire concept revolves around all things that a person dreams about, or an alter life that exists only in the head. This imaginative world does not exist, but everyone likes being a part of it. “My piece is a sensual one that takes one on a journey but everything is left to an individual’s interpretation of the music. What I imagine while ‘Pie in the Sky’ plays might be different from what another person does,” stated Gadgil.

He further added, “A very simple example would be of a girl and boy in love having fights everyday but the boy imagines them having a happy life. Where they talk, eat, make love, take a beach walk, but that is not real. What is real is completely different from what he perceives and that is the essence of my song.” The song has been directed by Sapan Narula and features models Ishan Verma and Ghazal Shrivastav.

Gadgil, who happens to be a DJ, was exposed to sound synthesizers two years ago. This is when the idea of creating music came to him and he started working on his own musical creations in his home studio. While he has produced 10 to 15 songs so far, his EP will consist of just three songs.

Talking about his current music creation, Gadgil revealed that he likes being on the music production side at the moment. “The entire idea of creating a piece of an art form or work that does not exist at the moment is fascinating for me. The songs that I will be or am producing are new. I believe the power to create something is extremely powerful. Moreover for me it does not matter if someone does not get me in words. I just want them to know me through my music. I want to pour my inspirations, thoughts and creativity through a dictionary of feelings that will be defined through my musical work,” he confessed.

Gadgil comes from a musical family; his grandmother is a trained classical singer and his sister - a pianist. His father, a music lover, was also a collector of good music, ensuring Gadgil grew up in a musical environment. However, he remained aloof from the art form until he reached graduation. While he used to play the piano, he only thought of making music when he laid his hands on a guitar. Gradually, his love for music took a different direction, leading him to start DJing at friends’ parties. This soon turned out to be a part-time job with him shifting from Pune to Delhi, where he also established himself as a DJ. But it is his job at Wizcraft’s creative and ideation team, where he has been for the last five years, that helps Gadgil pay his bills.