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News |  21 Jan 2016 19:48 |  By RnMTeam

Debut album 'Spit': Monica Dogra's revelation of her essence?

MUMBAI: Singer-turned-actress Monica Dogra has announced the launch date for her debut solo album - Spit. The album will release on 29 January on Universal Music. ‘Spit’ will comprise of 9 tracks that revolve around the idea of re-inventing one's inner self and emotions. 

Earlier this month, the singer, actress, activist and TV show judge (The Stage), Monica Dogra signed a deal with Universal Music, starting her year on a new note. 

Sharing her excitement to work with Universal Music, Monica added, “My association with Universal Music is one that feels like coming home. They are an incredible label that represents music’s finest artists. One of the seniors at Universal Music is Devraj Sanyal, my fellow judge on ‘The Stage’ and I love and trust him implicitly. So yeah, exciting times ahead.”

Speaking about the album, Dogra expressed, “Spit is raw, aggressive in its courage, action. By now, I have written and recorded for many other popular artists’ albums, appearing on at least 6 other independent musician’s records. All of them have taught me, guided me, and offered me community and family, when I have sorely needed them. But, what would I say whilst standing completely on my own? Who would I be? What would that sound like? The result is a mix of genre, poetry, searching, love, and longing. The making of this album has taken me over three years.” 

Dogra emphasised on the nature of the album, calling it “an album without any agenda.” With ‘Spit’, Dogra hopes to bring back “the realness” that somehow got lost in the noise of ‘trend” and “cool”. 

Berlin based record producer Robot Koch, as Dogra confirms, would be one of the collaborators to feature in Dogra’s debut album. The album also features Indian as well as few international artists, providing the necessary boost and musical support that resulted into an amalgamation of genres and sounds.

Monica Dogra, however, would continue to perform and compose with ‘Shaa'ir and Func’- the electronic music act, formed with Randolph Correira- who also provides a sensitive and smooth guitar solo to one of the tracks in the album. 

The tracks and the collaborators:

Spit - Robot Koch
Rise and Run - Prash Mistry
Good Thing - Gaurav Raina a.k.a Grain
See What You Like - solo
And I Wonder - Stefan Keys  (Keyboard) Karsh Kale  (horns)
Into The Night - solo
Suspended - Prash Mistry 
Pockets - Randolph Correira (guitars)
Shiver - Sandunes