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News |  18 Jun 2016 10:00 |  By RnMTeam

There is always a need for retro on radio: RJ Rohini

MUMBAI: The secret of her beauty lies in the smile she wears and confidence she reflects.

She has been part of the radio fraternity for the last nine years and is better known as Radio Ki Heroini - Rohini who wears the outfit of enthusiasm and rocks lazy mornings with her breakfast show.

With her affiliation now with the newly launched Radio Nasha, Rohini seems to be on cloud nine. “Oh My God! Radio Nasha is treating me so well,” she gushed during a chat with She moved to Singapore after marriage and returned just for Nasha. “Radio Nasha was a strong enough reason for me to get back to India,” added Rohini.

Nasha, which is a completely retro station that airs hits from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, was something that can be referred to as need of the hour, Rohini believes and says that after years, there is a phase in radio space that's creating buzz. “In fact, I am personally excited about it like never before,” she said.

The 'retro music' station, has carved a niche for itself in radio circles in Mumbai and Delhi. The station redefined retro and the hero of the station is ‘music’. Rohini feels that radio listeners have grown up now and the audience is classy and discerning. They are smart enough to consume content that interests them, she avers.

Serving the audience the same content might bore them. It would be interesting to know how Nasha might tackle the situation without making it monotonous for the listeners. Rohini explains, “There is never a need, you have to create a need from a seller’s perspective. However, beauty of retro is that the need is always there. Radio has started presenting a choice to consumers. The point is how good are you at selling the product? We are offering cool retro and it is our responsibility to give a classy offering.”

The zeal in her personality and her constant smile is her USP as an RJ. But has she ever lost her cool? Rohini says the only time she gave into her emotions was when she had to go on air after her father's demise. “I genuinely love my job. But, it's not easy to be on air after a loss of a loved one. I went on because I needed to at that time. This is life. You need to go with the flow,” she shrugs.

The amount of gratification she receives through her show, she would not trade for anything in the world right now. “If it is not broken, do not fix it” is her mantra.