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News |  21 Jul 2016 20:49 |  By RnMTeam

'Divine' in a bit more successful, mature and entrepreneurial avatar

MUMBAI: "Two years ago, I had a lot of music with me and I did not know how to put it out. Sony Music India gave me the push, every artist needs that extra motivation. Sony Music not only provided me the platform to push my music, but they taught me the importance of doing so at the right places.” The reply to the opening question cleared few doubts related to Divine’s ability to keep up with the rapid evolution of music scene. The rapper has adapted to the need-of-the-hour, consciously and carefully monitoring the activities concerning him in a bit more ‘entrepreneurial’ way and the mature approach has booked him a performance in Dubai, his debut since arrival in the alternative music scene.

Divine (or Vivian Fernandes) has extensively spoken about the Dubai set and the line-up to the media, however the most vital aspect of the latest development in the musician’s journey so far has been the immense maturity and the curiosity to experiment with sounds. For the Dubai gig at Music Room, Divine would be joined on the stage with two live instrumentalists – turntablist and drummer. “I’d be executing such a line-up for the first time. Never before in my shows did I use a drummer for my sound. Jai Row Kavi’s contribution makes the gig a huge deal for me.”

Jai Row Kavi is an established metal drummer from the music scene with ‘Amit Trivedi Live’, ‘Blackstrat Blues’ and ‘Pangea’ as some of the projects under his wings. Divine believes the fusion of a vocalist from the hip-hop background and a metal drummer would sound interesting, and the songwriter seemed to be impressed with the drummer’s versatility already. “Music Room came at the right time. I was already working with Jai and Spin Doctor when the invite came, and I decided to perform with these two musicians. Kavi’s drumming boosts my music and the message further, and Spin Doctor’s talent speaks for itself that DJing on turntable needs more skills. I hope to continue with this arrangement for the rest of my life.”

Very few hip-hop acts use a drummer in their live acts. Bombay Bassment has been successfully creating music and performing live with instrumentalists, and Divine mentioned how the factor allows him to extend his songs while performing live. “Not just me, there’s a place for everybody in my compositions.”

Divine, currently working on a new album/mixtape/EP, could not confirm if the two instrumentalists would feature in it, however ensured the trio would perform next month in Mumbai. “I have 12 compositions ready. Now I’ll wait for the right time to put them out,” informed the rapper of the ‘Jungli Sher’ fame.

Divine’s musical knowledge exposed to the genre of Rock before hip-hop and the songwriter also confirmed that he remains open to the idea of experimenting with other genres. A Linkin Park sort of a project? “Why not” asks Divine.

The media attention, the consistent gigs, the fame and the promotional and marketing activities surely has added a new dimension to the rapper’s life, but the Mumbai-based musician assured he’d never let go of his roots. “I will never stop being me, bro. The ‘raw’ me and the ‘street’ me that gradually became my identity would not be affected with the growth in success. I have been to clubs, but never blew my money like some do. I haven’t used fame to ‘pick up girls’ from the bars at night. I respect my fans, the music and it’s time to give back to the community.”