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News |  22 Mar 2017 17:38 |  By RnMTeam

Ten Songs to get your heads banging

MUMBAI: Good evening peeps. We have slowly crept our way into the middle of the week and as the sun shines a bit too brightly, we at Radioandmusic have come up with different ways to beat the heat.

It’s not always an option to skip work just because the temperatures are soaring so while you’re sipping on that energy drink, you might as well get yourself pumped with few of the best Bollywood rock number of our time. John Lennon once said that Rock n Roll is going to die and come to think of it, in today’s time it is a rather endangered genre but even though B-town has the habit of serving trash on a silver platter, over the years they have sometimes come up with brilliant music.

So for once we don’t want to complain. We don’t want to remind you that art is not entertainment per se but we do want to give you a list of top ten Bollywood rock songs to give you that ever so required adrenaline rush to help you make it through the rest of the evening.
1. Cult movie: Check! Music to rock your bones: Check!

2. Jump on your tables and air guitar your way through the evening with this amazing AR Rahman song sung by Mohit Chauhan.

3. Greed is one of the seven sins of the human race but Rupam Islam has something else to say. Where are those horns???

4. K.K never disappoints.

5. A thought provoking movie and an anthem that shook the nation. Don’t tell me this isn’t good enough for you.

6. Say ‘Alvida’ to all your problems.

7. This song should not only pump you but also remind you that you’re not going for your morning walks!

8. Remember lying to your boss about your mother’s illness when you were actually busy watching Sachin play? Next time listen to this song before playing Pinocchio again.

9. Did you know that there are more Bengali words than ‘machcher jhol’ ‘bhalobashi’ and ‘roshogolla?’ Whaaaaat? ‘Shotti?’ I thought that’s all that they say to each other.

10. Badass mode activated!!