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News |  29 Mar 2017 16:20 |  By RnMTeam

Why India's definitive electronica act Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator not headline, FOMO Fest?

MUMBAI: Recently, Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator graced us with their presence at the most iconic venue Razzberry Rhinoceros for FOMO Fest, which happened on 26 March. We saw some incredible LIVE acts, listened to music in the open air, just by the sea. It can be healing to some and heady for others.

Why we think so?

Being the only act that blends rock, psychedelic, fusion, folk, DNB and electronica, Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator has managed to create a unique space in India's growing independent music industry already. But, unfortunately, they weren’t headlining the FOMO fest. Monica Dogra took the centre stage at the fest.

However, it was their distinctive, yet difficult to slot into genres music that ‘connected’ the beats of waves and was appropriate for the ambiance at FOMO Festival. They set the stage on fire.

Donn Bhat’s latest album ‘Connected’ was released last year and was voted as one of the best indie releases of 2016 on different blogs and platforms.

Three of their album tracks got featured on the MTV series 'Bring On the Night' and they were named BBC's Artist of the Month on the Bobby Friction show. Within their second year of performing music live, the band was invited to perform internationally at IOMMA, a music conference hosted in the French territory - Reunion Island and at the biggest music festival in the world – Glastonbury!

On the other hand, currently portraying the never seen before side of bass beats and music, Monica Dogra can be titled nothing less than the ultimate game changer for Indian music scene, on international and national platforms. However, it was disappointing to watch her on the stage at the FOMO Fest. Monica Sharma Dogra, somehow failed to take over the crowd. Sigh!

As the sun went down, the late evening was followed by a flabbergasting set by Nerm (surprise set) and Zokhuma, and later on Chhabb’s eccentric act, which took the wind out of our sails. These three showcased the passage of art through the ears to the soul and we absolutely loved all of it.

From sundown to sunrise, the other acts were by Shivani, experimental rock act Bombay Black, deep house artist DJBeat2, and Twisted Bass aka Mohsin Kacchi, who finished the first chapter of FOMO Fest on a high note.

An iconic venue in Juhu, Mumbai, Razzberry Rhinoceros that reopened its doors last month, has announced FOMO Fest, an innovative monthly festival. In association with Mumbai-based music and events agency Daddy Entertainment, last Sunday of every month, the venue will organise the periodical fest where you can connect to music. The first edition of the festival took place on 26 March at Razzberry Rhinoceros. We think Razzberry Rhinoceros is a little bit of Goa somewhere in the busy life in Mumbai.

Lastly, celebrated as one of India’s absolute electronica acts, Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator will also be performing in Pune, as part of Baleno Wicked Weekends, India’s longest party marathon, on 31 March at The Irish Village, Pune as well. Baleno Wicked Weekends is a collaboration between Maruti Suzuki NEXA and ZEE Live.