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News |  20 Jun 2017 20:55 |  By RnMTeam

Gippy Grewal speeds ahead with Car Nachdi

MUMBAI: It’s the season for cars. With Pixar and Disney releasing the third edition of the Cars, it is not surprising to see automobiles being featured in a Punjabi music video put out by singer-actor Gippy Grewal. Would you believe that he has even made the four wheelers dance in the video for his single ‘Car Nachdi’!

Released by T-Series, it is a part of a five song deal he has signed with the music label. And the video has already raced to get six million plus views on YouTube. And it is also one of the most downloaded songs on streaming services.

An elated Grewal shares, "In Mexico and the US, there are festivals that showcase different kinds of cars. They also have cars that literally jump! I thought of putting the elements into a song. I obviously couldn't have a song just talking about jumping cars so, our writers brought in the connect."

For, some reason or the other the music industry does not want to move away from cars, girls, and parties when it comes to music videos. On this tried and tested music video formula the singer says, "It's not that we don't do anything different. The thought in this particular song is different. It's about the dancing cars."

He further adds, "When you work on a film song it’s based on situations. For a single the scope to explore is limited. The basic idea behind making these songs is to bring in the entertainment value and that is why most of them look alike."

Will the upcoming songs with T-Series be different? "The flavour of the songs will be the same, but they will be different and fresh in their own way," says Grewal.

This five-song deal wouldn't have unfolded this soon had it not been for Grewal's face-to-face conversation with Bhushan Kumar. The singer-actor was recently in Mumbai shooting for his part in upcoming film, 'Lucknow Central' when he got the opportunity to meet Kumar, who showed interest in making a single with the 'Angreji Beat' hitmaker.

"Post my single 'Hello Hello' the T-Series team approached me a few times, but I was a bit busy. Things fell in place during my Mumbai visit," explains the artist.

Grewal further states that there are plus points of being associated with a label as big as T-Series. "The reach of your song increases. ‘Car Nachdi' had an exclusive MTV telecast and it is playing on all Hindi channels. Something that hardly happens to Punjabi songs! When we release songs back in Punjab they are only aired on Punjabi channels. 'Angreji Beat' is a big hit today, but it took six months to catch up with people and it got bigger on being added to the 'Cocktail' music album."

Lastly, on singing for Bollywood films the singer states, "I do not want to sing a lot of songs. They call me when they want a song with some Punjabi flavour. I don't take up the songs that I feel aren't made for me."

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