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Review |  08 Sep 2017 19:04 |  By Tehillah Jacob

The Chainsmokers light up first Ultra Road Indian edition

MUMBAI:  They were punctual to the T. Sharp at 8:30 pm, the duo of Andrew Taggart and Allex Pal, who make up  the act called The Chainsmokers, strode onto the massive stage at the Mahalaxmi Race Course where the Road to Ultra India Music Festival was being held in Mumbai. Costumed by Indian designer Neeta Lulla, Taggart (wearing dungarees) Pall  (clad in T-Shirt and jeans with a cap), received a rousing welcome even as the pyrotechnics filled the 3,000 strong arena with smoke and floating pieces of paper.  

The iconic Ultra Live set with blue Ultra logo in the centre, cartoon graphics and colourful confetti added to the excitement of the fans.

The Grammy award-winning duo definitely lived up to its promise as the front running act of the international festival which is hitting Indian shores for the first time.

The first number they belted out was the chartbusting Don’t Let me Down. 6,000 hands went up as music lovers waved their lights and some even broke into a jig.

Following that they also performed Honest, #Selfie, their latest Memories...Do not open, Paris, Closer, Something just like this, All we know, Papa Rocha’s Last resort, We will we will rock you by Queen, Yellow by Coldplay, The One from the debut album Memories...Do not open, Let you go, Break up every night and Lion King’s Circle of life are big numbers they rustled up for the ever so hungry audience.

The show ended with Don’t let me down with The Chainsmokers waving the Indian flag  and thanking fans with a Namaste.

The crowd was all engrossed and enthralled by the performance. Few mentioned it as an epic and LIT moment.

It was indeed a memorable night for most of us. Watching The Chainsmokers perform was a dream come true for me. And up close and personal.

Other acts opened before them: Dj Slushi, Raiden, Mykris, Sam Feldt, Lost Kings, Getter, Rezz and Siana Catherine who put up a power packed performance.

While Road to Ultra said it was  a hundred percent sold out show there also certain things which inconvenienced attendees. Some complained of a lack of garbage bins; others of the absence of LED screens.  Security could have been better too: the venue had banned cigarettes, but many were seen puffing away to gay abandonment.

Over all the first edition of The Road to Ultra India Mumbai leg was more or less perfect leaving the multitude mesmerized. The second and final tour is in Delhi on 8 September.