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News |  13 Dec 2017 12:54 |  By RnMTeam

Ultimate guide to being a Wiz - Derulo fan

MUMBAI: While the festival season is in full swing in India, the festival sector remains at the forefront of event innovation. With an increasingly EDM saturated market, new festivals are finding creative ways to spark consumer interest and offer extra value. As dance music is slowing down, a host of other genres are picking up. From booze free festivals to multi-genre festivals, innovation is key in the music festival circuit.

Closer to home, India is more receptive to diverse genres compared to what was witnessed during the big EDM explosion five years ago and a host of new festivals are capitalizing on this new trend of multi-genre festivals. Dance Music is for sure taking a backseat to make room for other genres that the country hadn’t gotten a taste of before.

To be held next month at Vagator, Goa one of the latest additions to the multi-genre category, TIMEOUT 72 by Water Lemon Events doesn’t shy away from being ambitious. Embracing rock, pop, indie and EDM, the festival atmosphere is one of inclusivity, music royalty and creative diversity. To add to this, there is a breathtaking selection of intricacies and installations that make the entire festival a complete experience. Backdropped by the aesthetically beautiful Goan coast, it will cement itself at the core of the global music festival scene. Unrivalled for quirkiness, it will include imaginative installations, from tribal shacks to disco arches to dance stages in the form of a time machine. Perhaps the most notable feature so far is its ability to bring together one-of-a-kind headliners.

Here’s taking a closer look at their top two headliners who are coming to India for the very first time and their dirty little secrets.

Jason Derulo

·Lady Gaga is a fan of his; the Born This Way singer had the US star open for some of her shows on 'The Monster Ball' tour back in 2010.

·He felt shy to ask Kanye West for an autograph as he didn't want to wake a sleeping Kanye up when they ended up on the same flight.

·Despite his toned physique the singer has said in many interviews that he isn't a big fan of keeping fit. He swears by Tuna as "an emergency tummy tightener." Water and spoonfuls of energy powder are his other go-to fitness snacks.

·Before topping the charts was a reality, a young Jason had his sights set on conquering the backstreet court. How can we not forget an NBA, regulation-sized basketball court, shark tank and black-and-white paintings of John Lennon, Prince, Janet Jackson in his LA mansion.

·Before his big breakout, he was a musical theater major at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan and even landed a role in Rent on Broadway.

·Despite his cardio-intense stage shows today, the Whatcha Say star suffered from extreme asthma from his infancy till about 13 years old, especially around pets, dairy, or dust.

·Jason Derulo's hardcore fanbase are known affectionately as Derulers.

·He turned vegan and he loves spinach, mushrooms, vegetable soup, lentils, bananas and jackfruit.

·His favorite music video is Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson.

·He has more to offer than just his voice, he was trained in ballet, tap, and jazz dancing.

·Ellen DeGeneres helped him pick out his Halloween costume in 2013.

·Some of his top hits include Whatcha Say, In My Head, Don’t Wanna Go Home, Ridin’ Solo, Talk Dirty, Wiggle, and Trumpets.

·Jason Derulo was dating an American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.

·As a child, Jason Derulo was chubby and was so self-conscious that he refused to take his shirt off in the pool. However, as he grew older, Jason became an athlete and played basketball in high school. It was then that he began to tone up and developed his self-confidence.

·Back in 2006, Jason Derulo won a Reality-TV singing competition titled, Showtime. Little did he know, that would be the start of his now successful music career.

·Long before Jason Derulo became the successful solo artiste that he is today, he was a ghostwriter for other artistes in the music industry.

·His last name is actually spelled Desrouleaux although pronounced the same way. He adopted the new spelling to make things easier for, well, everyone.

·Derulo was once told he may never be able to walk again. In 2012, the performer broke his neck while practicing a backflip for his tour.

·He is attracted to polite women, but likes bad girls too, he calls himself a sexual person.

·He kept to himself in school and wasn't interested in going to homecoming, prom, or attending most school social functions.

·When he’s in a relationship, he writes songs for and sings to the person he’s with.

·He thinks most celebrities are jerks and condemns all forms of drugs.

·He wishes to become a great cook someday.

·He has given every award to his mother.

·He sleeps about four hours per night and he needs someone to wake him up by either banging on the door or physically shaking him up.

·He comes from a middle-class family and being the youngest he’s thoroughly spoilt.

Wiz Khalifa

·Wiz knew as a kid that he wanted to cover his body in tattoos.

·If you're a Wiz Khalifa fan, you're part of Taylor Gang.

·Wiz is a nerd - in the movies, at least.

·He took a risk by turning down a chance to tour with Drake.

·He loves to take off his left shoes when “in the zone.”

·Wiz loves to skateboard and the hoverboard.

·The song, La Bamba by Los Lobos was the number one song in America the day Wiz was born.

·Talk about digital romances, Wiz first meet his ex-wife Amber Rose on Twitter.

·More eccentricities, he is the only person to pull off a “jail selfie.”

·He was just eight years old when he decided he wanted to become a rapper.   He’s been officially doing it since he was 15.

·Wiz Khalifa is NOT his real name.  It’s actually Cameron Jibril Thomaz.  He was called “the wiz” was a nickname growing up because he was such a “wiz” at everything he attempted.

·As a kid, he always needed to have his ears rubbed to fall asleep and needs music to wake up.

·He doesn't eat pork, sweets.

·He is a technology geek and needs to have to every new electronic device in the market.

·He’s afraid of spiders.

·He loves to read and play pool.

·He has to use the bathroom before he goes on stage.

·He loves mirrors, apple juice and caffeine.

·He prefers earbuds over headphones

·Pittsburgh City Council declared 12-12-12 to be Wiz Khalifa Day in the city of Pittsburgh!

·He’s an extrovert and loves being around people, maybe because his father served in the military and there was a lot of travelling.

TIMEOUT 72 tickets are available on Insider, Paytm and BookMyShow.