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News |  27 Dec 2017 14:09 |  By RnMTeam

TIMEOUT 72 ropes in 672 security personnel to ensure safety

MUMBAI: We've heard of various cases around the globe where innocent lives have been put at stake because of a few security loopholes. Festival cases in the recent past have been horrific and one would never want them to be repeated. Thus, event organisers these days give number one priority to security at festivals. In fact, one of the biggest events TIMEOUT 72, is making sure that 3-days of the festival go uninterrupted with the best security in place.

Water Lemon events that are organising this festival have deployed 672 security personnel at the venue. There will be 77 supervisors, 232 guards, 314 bouncers, 49 lady guards, 10 quick response team (QRT) teams of 3 bouncers and 1 supervisor each, disaster management team of 12 people, event safety (MVSEC) and anti-drug squad. Now, if you think that's commendable, there is more. There will be security next to VIP platforms, sponsors stalls, backstage, bar, food stalls, first aid, toilets, smoking zones, entry and exit aisles. Yes, not a single corner will be left unguarded and if you think human eye can miss things, there are also 200 CCTV cameras.

There will also be watchtowers at strategic locations including entry and exit points to monitor internal and external activity with a supervisor and walkie-talkie for quick communication.

All the women attending the festival solo can just have all the fun as they will be guarded. Separate aisles are created for entry/exit of women and covered frisking kiosks for privacy as well as women bouncers at the front of all stages. There will also be lady volunteers and nurses to take care of women in any need. The main entrance gates to each ground have three checkpoints: RFID band checking; to hold crowd and form queue for DFMD and frisking (HHMD). All checkpoints have separate aisles for women.

The venue will also have 102 door frame metal detectors and hand-held metal detector and 12 sniffer dogs. In case of emergency, one need not rush back to the entry gates as there are 13 emergency exits positioned around the venue. There are also, fire extinguishers placed at the venue. Fire volunteers will be deployed around entire venue-wearing identifiable t-shirts to guide people and help in case of fire emergencies.

There are also four first aid rooms with 20 ICU beds and 40 normal beds. 7 doctors, 6 nurses, 12 parademics, 15 medical student volunteers, 14 stretcher and wheelchair boys and 1 snake catcher that will be available on all three days. There will also be 2 emergency Jeeps, 6 cardiac ambulances and 3 regular ambulances with a tie-up with St. Anthony’s Hospital, Anjuna.

Pamphlets on health and safety, evacuation, and emergency procedures will be made available to attendees with venue map highlight emergency exits, first aid rooms and more.