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News |  12 Jan 2018 13:38 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood singers and their embarrassing moments

MUMBAI: We all go through oops, ahh, Oh sh**t moments in our lives, don’t we? But what’s the best way if these embarrassing moments come out in a ‘humorous’ light. Well, our singers have revealed their most embarrassing moments. Some of them would be Ohh damn! OMG! ROFL! and some you will be startled to hear.

Here are our music stars most embarrassing moments –

Badshah - At the airport they usually check my passport, just to check if my name is Badshah for real.

Akriti Kakkar - I was out for an important event and I did not realize that I had not removed the price tag from my dress. A journalist brought it to my notice.

Aaman Trikha - During one of my concert performances in Durban, South Africa, I got so involved in the performance that I moved towards the edge of the stage and slipped off.

Tony Kakkar - This embarrassing story dates back to those childhood memories in school. I was performing on stage all dressed as Krishna when my ‘dhoti’ just came off and the entire crowd started laughing at me.

Darshan Raval – I was performing in front of 30, 000 people and with all the excitement I jumped from the stage and went towards the crowd. It was all fine till then, but I fell down on my way back to the stage.