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News |  25 Jan 2018 16:16 |  By RnMTeam

The only thing that works is 'honesty' and 'hard work': GRAIN

MUMBAI: Independent music scene may look like the latest buzz word to the youngsters stepping into the music festivals world, but it has been around for a very long time and given the Indian music industry some of the finest artistes. One such artiste is Gaurav Raina best known as GRAIN. He is also one half of Indian electronic export - The Midivial Panditz.

Raina stepped into the industry lot before the music industry was divided between Bollywood and Independent music. "There was no 'Independent Music Scene' whatsoever," says the artiste.

He adds, "Hence, my journey has been a long and eventful one, with many rewarding positives and many painful negatives. I was fortunate enough to have many friends who were there through all of that, mainly Tapan, who has been steering the Punditz with me for years."

The performer believes that 2018 will be a great year for the independent artistes. "There will definitely be a new surge in the electronic music scene in India. Last few years have been very eventful and encouraging for the Indie music scene in India and I think the upward trend will continue. I personally know of at least three, very promising artistes and albums coming out this year."

Raina has performed with international stars such as Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, and Usher. He managed to break through in the international market before many others. "I don’t think there can ever be a formula to sure shot success. The only thing that works is ‘honesty’ and ‘hard work’. That’s what we did with Midival Punditz and it has helped us ever since."

He further adds, "The international industry has been looking at the Indian scene for a long time, and tried to pick up talent which can represent or make sense in the International market."

However, Raina feels that Indian ‘Indie Artist’ that sound like some other famous and better international artiste have no demand internationally. "It’s really important to have that ‘x-factor’ or uniqueness to one’s sound and music, in order to stand out in the crowd on the world stage," he emphasizes.

Raina who has given background scores for Bollywood films Dum Maro Dum, Karthik Calling Karthik amongst others will soon be performing at SulaFest 2018. "SulaFest is clearly one of the most evolved and musically vibrant festivals in India. I have played there before and remember how receptive and happy the crowd was. They understood the music and welcomed us with open arms. I think the audience that comes to SulaFest is a more mature one, compared to the other Festivals. I’m really excited to play all the new album material and that too, with my new band, which I think is sounding really big and powerful," says an elated GRAIN.

On international artistes playing at Indian festivals the performer states, "I think there needs to be a delicate balance between the number of Indian vs International artistes that are invited to play at Indian festivals. The question is not so much about the money going out, but the importance of giving back to the homegrown scene. Encouraging and inspiring newcomers or established Indian artistes to play at these festivals propels the scene and makes it better for everyone."

GRAIN has plans of playing at all the major festivals this year.

Till then catch him perform at the 11th edition of SulaFest. The festival will take place at Sula Vineyards, Nasik from 3-4 February.