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News |  27 Jan 2018 18:33 |  By RnMTeam

Bollywood, rock or metal, music attracted me the most: MojoJojo

MUMBAI: The second track unveiled of Bacardi House Party Session’s winner Akshay Johar aka MojoJojo, Chak Bass, caught over two lakh views within 12 hours and it’s no surprise. With a track with some hatke sound and a never seen before the concept of the video, MojoJojo brings back the Mojo in the independent music space.

Akshay Johar said, “I have been playing piano since the age of nine. And have always been fascinated with music, be it Bollywood or rock and metal, music attracted me the most. Although I never took any formal training in music, I am pretty much self-taught.”

Akshay is known as MojoJojo, a nickname he acquired in school. “I was addressed as Jojo in school; I just modified it a bit and made it MojoJojo.”

Coming from a family of engineers and doctors Akshay quite surprised his family by this choice of vocation. “I was decent at studies, but the music was always my first choice.”

Slowly, he started working on his music. “I had a track ready, which I have been working on for a while. I had a chance of playing the track to famous Punjabi singer Sikander Kahol, who later happened to be my lead vocalist for the song. Fortunately, he liked the track. Later we made an entry in Bacardi House Party Session and won too,” he explained.

Ecstatic about being one of the four lucky winners of the contest run by AIB, Bacardi House Party Sessions and collaboration with Nucleya, he said, “It is a great platform, considering the mammoth following AIB has  the song will get the correct exposure.”

What more, AIB also helped in ideating about the concept of the video, which is another highlight of the song. AIB’s Tanmaya Bhat shared, “Initially, MojoJojo and mostly everyone wanted a video with girls and the jazz. But later we all came up with the amazing idea of lady gangsters playing a carom competition.”

The video is to be watched to be believed, with the quirkiest backdrop and actors that suit the bill, Chak Bass video is high on entertainment quotient.

The other track of fellow winner of the same contest, Udd Gaye, received a phenomenal response, on which MojoJojo commented, “Well, that is because the track is so good, it was bound to receive that kind of response. I am happy for its success.”

On future, MojoJojo stated, “I have some really interesting bunch of shows and performances at campus festivals planned. As of now really looking forward for Chak Bass track.”

Well, so are we!