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News |  02 Feb 2018 18:32 |  By RnMTeam

'Castle' represents me as an artist: Jonita Gandhi

MUMBAI: 2018 will witness major collaborations in terms of music, especially for Jonita Gandhi’s and Anish Sood’s fans, as they associate for Castle, an upcoming track. They have not only sung the track but have featured in it.

Castle would be out on Jonita Gandhi’s YouTube page on 5 February. Anish Sood has produced the track, while it’s been written by Lesele Lewis and directed by Alephe company.  We have heard Jonita Gandhi’s Bollywood tracks but this one would be entirely in an ‘English version’.

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Jonita gives a gist on what Castle would be about, “It’s an EDM track with emphasis on vocals. A lot of EDM tracks do not have complete verses, chorus or hooks. While here the main hook is the drop. Lyrically it is all about young love that is trying and searching for the guy. She imagines them being together in a fairy tale land. She’s like a queen and he’s her king. While Castle is a fun song and it has been picturized really nice.”

On her experience collaborating with the well-known DJ, she says, “It was great to work with him. He has worked in the electronic music scene for a while now and I heard a lot about him. We both compliment each other in terms of creativity and artistic freedom. We come from two different worlds but it felt like we were on the same page. The idea of Castle came from our management and they knew I was looking for opportunities involved in the Independent music scene an that is where the Castle journey began.”

“Most of my time was occupied with Bollywood projects so this is something I wanted to do. The reason I did this song because I feel it truly makes sense. Castle represents me as an artist,” expresses the Lagdi Hain Thaai singer.

The singer did not face any major challenges during the making of the song, while she recollects a minor one, “We were shooting at Cappadocia in Turkey. We were trying to get a perfect shot in a hot air balloon. We were there for about three days, while the weather disrupted us for the first two days as we couldn’t get up with the hot air balloon.”