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News |  12 Mar 2018 13:00 |  By RnMTeam

Constantly worked to stay relevant in business of music: Sunidhi Chauhan

MUMBAI: Juggling the joys of motherhood and the responsibility of being a music icon, celebrated singer Sunidhi Chauhan says she is constantly in search of ways to stay relevant in the changing scenario of the music business in the country.

Sunidhi has had a long and successful career of 22 years, with still more to go.

Asked if she feels burnt out professionally, Sunidhi told IANS: "No, not at all. All I know is singing... I love music and I am doing music... I mean where is the room for anything else? Yes, I started early. I think I recorded my first song when I was 11 years old, and very fortunately, success came to me.

"But at that age, I never knew how to handle success or what to do with it. I did not analyse it actually. Like the way music has changed, I constantly worked to stay relevant in the business of music.

"That is why you will never see me cribbing about how old days were golden and no more good work is happening in the present time. I believe that because the change is happening in the music industry, we all are growing with the change... We all are on our toes to learn and stay relevant."

The singer has lent her powerful voice to popular Bollywood numbers Ruki Ruki, Aaja Nachle, Crazy Kiya Re, Sheila Ki Jawaani and Kamli.

Sunidhi spoke to IANS for her digital music reality show The Remix, which is showcased on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video alongside DJ Nucleya and music director Amit Trivedi as judges.

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She shot for the show while she was pregnant, and she says she didn't feel any discomfort in doing so.

"Yes, when I shot for the promo of the show wearing that beautiful gown, I was pregnant and my baby bump was visible. But I was very comfortable because music shows are my space. I cannot sit idle at home. So I went out for shooting.

"I also felt comfortable because by the grace of God, I was physically fit and there was no complication. Remember, I was pregnant, I was not a patient, and people should celebrate it. Like the way in a forest, after giving birth, the animals go back to their normal life, I am also back in my normal life. We should celebrate motherhood instead of making certain taboo about it."

Reality shows often see some good talent being ousted due to the public voting format.

Asked if a singer is best judged by public voting or music experts, Sunidhi said: "I think both are not wrong. But when we are judging a singer, apart from the overall impact of their singing, we look at technical detailing, because as a professional if you want to sustain yourself, such nuances matter.

"There are singers who won the singing competition by public voting, and later could not survive in the long run. On the other hand, there are singers who got voted out from the show and later come out as wonderful singers. That is why I keep saying that if you are genuinely talented, you will find your opportunity. Hunnar ko koi rok nehi sakta (No one can stop someone talented from making a mark)."

What's next for her?

"Well, I am singing in movies right now. I will get back to my stage shows in about two months and yes, my hand is pretty full right now, you see," said Sunidhi, looking at and smiling at her three-month-old son as she cuddled him.

(Source: IANS)