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News |  14 Mar 2018 15:51 |  By RnMTeam

India has a market for English songs: Arjun

MUMBAI: A popular name with his track Suit Suit Karda, Half Punjabi-Half Tamil Brit based singer Arjun, is all set with his new album Closer to Home, under the prestigious label of Island/Universal records.

“The album has around 10 tracks and as the name suggests it is about bringing me closer to my roots and my home. Each track is unique and has a different mood to it. The album covers a range of emotions. There is a party song, song on heartbreak, love, industry and much more.”

Two tracks from the album Vaadi and Alone are out, while Closer to Home essentially has songs from English Pop genre.

Elaborating further Arjun says, “This album is like my baby. It’s a mix of R&B and my South Asian roots. Collaborating with a talented team of creatives, including my mentor Sway. We have put together an album that instinctively fuses contemporary Pop/R&B melodies, big bass drops and ethno-infused sounds from the subcontinent, which we hope will resonate with music fans around the world. When we were in planning stage, we had made over 40 songs, which we cut down to 20 and then further just 10.”

Initially spotted by legendary UK rapper Sway. With a global fan following and having toured the world over, Arjun boasts over 450 million YouTube views and 1.5 million Facebook fans and appeals to an ever-growing international audience. 

Sharing more on the experience of working with his mentor, Sway, the multi talented artiste says, “Sway, as everyone knows is a legendary rapper. His music has worldwide influence, which I experienced while making this album with him. Few years ago, we worked together on a track called as Frozen and ever since then we share a close bond. With Closer To Home, Sway has been hands-on with the making of the album.”

On collaboration with Island records/Universal records, Arjun says excitedly, “I wanted to sign with a non-Asian record label, so this is an achievement for me.”

He is thrilled with his album releasing in India too, as he analyses, “India has a market for English songs, considering the success of Justin Bieber and Coldplay.”

A question on his next venture in Bollywood and India is necessary, since his Suit Suit Karda from the movie Hindi Medium with Guru Randhawa, was such a massive hit. Arjun divulges some plans, “There are two tracks in Hindi, which are in pipeline. Apart from that, since I am half Tamil, some collaboration with South Indian artistes are also being planned. I am also currently working on my singles.”

The other tracks in the album are:


Catch Up

In Your Head




Shoulda Met Me First

Love & War

On The Way

Closer To Home