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News |  20 Mar 2018 19:28 |  By RnMTeam

Singers share their thoughts on 'World Astrology Day'

MUMBAI: OMG! you broke the glass, now be ready for the worst! Do not get out of the house today! Don’t do this today or something bad may happen to you! We hear these astrological beliefs which people talk around, don’t we? There are hoards of people who do believe in them while the rest don’t. Now a day’s people do not make a big buzz around this but certainly they do think about it.

Well today is World Astrological Day and we are just very curious to know what the music industry has to say about ‘Astrological beliefs’.

Kavita Seth

If I am extremely worried about something, I do listen to some astrological sayings otherwise I don’t.  I believe in my hard work and not much into it. I do not want to get into Astrology. I remember an incident, my father believes a lot in Astrology so he had shown my kundli to an astrologer, while he did mention that something like this would happen in two days. I don’t want to know what would happen tomorrow. I just live in the present and this is what one must do.

Sukhwinder Singh

One should not be bound with astrology. I agree it has got meaning but nothing can be bigger than Karma. Astrology is not a joke but it can’t make life beautiful. We can make life beautiful by doing the right acts.

Divya Kumar

I don’t believe in astrology at all. My mom believes it and I do follow a few of my mom’s beliefs. I do not eat non-veg on certain days or wearing a specific coloured wrist band.  I do not wear specific rings or chains suggested by astrologers. Whatever I have achieved is because of my parents blessings. Any 'baba' can’t run my life.

Abhijeet Sawant

I used to wear rings and somewhere I had started believing in astrology. But it was after losing all those rings I started doing better. I am a little superstitious also; I believe that the day should start on a good note, something positive should happen. Otherwise I am not totally into these astrological beliefs. There are many people who believe they should wear certain kind of ‘stoles’, well I won’t count myself into those.

Akasa Singh

I do believe in star-signs but I have never consulted an astrologer before. Since we are Punjabi’s I have never heard about my family speak anything about astrology. The reason I have never dabbed much into this. There are people who alter their names according to their beliefs. I do believe in this but have never consulted or done anything like this.

Darshan Raval

I have been to an astrologer as a kid with my father. He had predicted that I would be in the newspapers very soon. But honestly I don’t believe in astrologers because I think one can make or change their destiny with their hard work and persistence.