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News |  23 Mar 2018 17:55 |  By RnMTeam

'No Game' is about my personal experience of getting nervous around girls: Aarya

MUMBAI: When platforms like AIB and Bacardi come together to present new talent, it is bound to create buzz. After a chart bursting Udd Gaye and Mojojojo’s Chakk Bass, Bacardi House Party Sessions’ next outing is a groovy track by Aarya called No Game.

“The concept of the video is basically that of a guy spotting a girl and instantly getting attracted to her, but the people around him resemble different traits of the man, and to get to her he has to let go off his character. In the end, he realizes that by letting go and shedding off his different traits he has, in turn, harmed himself and the girl walks off,” explains Aarya.

He further adds, “No Game is basically about my personal experience of getting nervous around girls that I find attractive. So, the concept gives a very different but still relatable approach to the meaning of the song. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there while the video was being shot as I was in the UK at the time, but hopefully next time I’ll be able to witness a music video for one of my songs being made. I will also be looking forward to working with Bacardi and AIB soon again.”

Aarya is another product of the collaboration between Bacardi House Sessions and AIB, and he is more than happy to be associated with themIn his own words, After watching the promo of the Bacardi House Party Sessions, I was really happy that AIB has taken the initiative to push out upcoming independent musicians in India and promote their music. It’s made people around the country listen to music from all kinds of genres and I couldn’t be happier with the initiative Bacardi and AIB have taken when it comes to homegrown music and musicians. I, myself, have been a fan of AIB for a long time and it’s overwhelming to think that now my song has been featured on their channel which is also one of the biggest YouTube channels in the country.”

Aarya is also happy for his fellow participants, “I’ve only heard Udd Gaye by Ritviz and Chak Bass by Mojojojo, and both the tracks are absolutely incredible. The amount of attention Udd Gaye gathered as the first track that came out, got people eagerly waiting for the next. It has been exciting to see the response all the songs have been getting and I can’t wait for the fourth track to be out soon.”

The UK based singer reminisces about his journey till date, “I’ve been a singer-songwriter for a few years now and recently shifted to the UK where I’m pursuing my career in music. I’ve been singing and performing for close to six years, and am self-taught on the guitar. I took a gap year after I finished my schooling two years ago to be a part of a music reality TV show in India - The Stage 2. I’ve played a lot of shows across the country and released my debut EP One Year One House, which is out worldwide. This EP was also the one submitted as part of the Bacardi House Party Sessions; eventually chosen as one of the winners.”

The video for his latest outing, Game On crossed more than five lakh views, within no time and the thrilled 19-year-old artiste says, “Honestly, it feels surreal to see those figures on one of my tracks. It’s insane to think that something that you’ve created has reached so many people and has made connections with your audience. Watching people create post covers, dance covers, and instrumental covers of the song, makes me admire the efforts even more.”

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