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News |  26 Apr 2018 17:55 |  By RnMTeam

'The Yellow Diary' launch their EP 'Marz' across audio platforms

MUMBAI: Global music giant, Sony Music launches the much-awaited EP of India’s first experimental alternative rock band The Yellow Diary called Marz with three songs that are soulful and lyrics that touch your heart. The EP was released in an exclusive event called Event Show Asia today and will be available on all audio platforms.

Announcing the release, head of Pop Rohan Jha, says, “The Yellow Diary is one of the unique talents that we have signed so far. The band is a perfect combination of a distinct young sound and mature, soulful lyrics. The Marz EP will surely strike a chord with its soul and sound, and we expect the audiences to connect deeply with The Yellow Diary.”

To this, the band members added, “We are extremely thrilled, this is the beginning of our musical journey where we present the sound to our listeners. We have waited long to put this out and it is finally happening, we are all set to shoot the video that will be out soon.”

The EP has three songs, Marz, Afzai and Kashmir. While Marz is about the dilemma between the heart and mind, Afzai is an ode to the power of encouragement. Kashmir is a metaphorical song about how we as humans have failed on our part and have ruined a heaven for our personal petty gains.

The all-boy band's members hail from varied backgrounds but have one thing in common -- their passion for music. With a blend of electronic music and rock, they are touted to be a composition powerhouse.

While, former naval cadet Rajan Batra is the lead vocalist and lyricist for the band, infuses his melodies with Indian Classical music in a contemporary manner, Himounshu Parikh is on keyboards and is responsible for production, samples and backing vocals. Vaibhav Pani and Stuart DaCosta bring their magic through guitar and bass respectively. While Pani is a former MNC slave who got back to his true calling as a musician with a fresh perspective on the strings, Stuart is the groovy 'un-pushing sonic boundaries on his Gibson with occasional synth. Sahil Shah is the drum guy, who uses an eclectic blend of jazz and modern drum theory, producing beats that make The Yellow Diary tracks truly memorable.