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News |  09 Aug 2018 13:13 |  By RnMTeam

Being single for long has actually helped me attend these calls as an RJ: Karan Johar

MUMBAI: Karan Johar, a multi-talented artiste, has explored every medium from direction to acting to anchoring and last year he also debuted being an RJ for India’s first romantic love station, Ishq 104.8. Apart from expanding his fan base with his candid advice on the show Calling Karan, he also won an award at Indian Radio Forum with his debut on radio.

Karan Johar indulged in his signature styled candid chat with blogger Miss Malini, who was the moderator for the ‘Love Conference’ held at the launch of second season of Calling Karan, a show on Ishq 104.8. The chat had Karan sharing his experience of hosting the show and what he is looking forward in the upcoming season. The conference also featured Neha Dhupia, Ranvijay Singha, Imtiaz Ali, therefore, there were questions by them to Karan too. Excerpts of the same:

When asked why did he choose to host a show on radio, Karan said, “Being approachable and affable are a part of my personality and this show gave me an opportunity to connect with people and a larger base of audience. I also have too much to offer.”

About the show, Karan said, “Being single for long has actually helped me attend these calls as an RJ. We all have that friend, who is single but gives us the best love advice, it’s just that.”

Karan added gleefully, “Last season was great. I gave advice and suggestions, of what I thought was right. However, we always emphasis that I am not a trained psychiartrist and hence mine are only suggestions. Having said that, I have broken some relations.”

When drawn parallels of real life love story and reel life love stories, Karan was quick to add, “What we show in movies is mostly rubbish. Real life doesn’t have any of that.”

Adding he says, “As a film director, the narrative is in your control. Therefore, you can twist and turn the story the way you want to.”

He was also asked about some memorable calls and Karan shared the most hysterical ones, “I once got a call from a guy who said that he left his girlfriend for another hot girl. However, this hot girl never takes a bath. What should he do? I simply told him to leave her. At the end of the season, the same guy gave a follow-up call saying he left that girl and went back to his previous girl and he is happy. Once, a daughter-in-law called saying that she lied to family about not eating non-veg, but her mother-in-law found chicken in her tiffin and threw a fit. She wanted to know what should she do? I told her to choose between husband and food.”

Jokes apart, he also shared some serious calls and issues, “Once a guy called and said I married few months even though I am gay and now my wife found out. She is very upset. He told he married under family pressure. These kinds of heavy calls get to you.”

Karan also clarified that people might think that these calls are planted but they aren’t, “All of them are legit calls. Till now, some of them have given me a call back and updated but most importantly no one has blamed me.”

Karan made a funny observation, “I get a lot of calls for office romances or office exploitations. boss and employees getting into relationships seem to be the thing. After so many calls, I once walked down my own office corridors to see what’s happening in my office. Once, a young guy called me saying that his female boss was exploitating him and I was like ‘wow what a refreshing problem’.” The audience couldn’t stop laughing

Fellow guest and dear friend of Karan Johar, Neha Dhupia shared her experience with love-guru Karan saying, “The only person to know about my 'secret' wedding was Karan. In fact, when I called him to ask what should I do, he said something that stayed with me - “The second half is always better. Just go for it.”

Neha was also one of the celebrity callers in the first season among Alia Bhat, Varun Dhawan, Siddharath Malhotra. She shared that she asked him, if she should go with a hot guy or an intelligent guy, to which Karan promptly replied “Of course the hot guy.”

He was also asked what was the experience of celebs calling and would that happen in this season too, to which the prolific Karan said, “It was good that all these celebs called. It might happen this season too.”

Asking what will make this season a hit, Karan said, “The candidness of the show. It definitely is bigger and is going to be lot bolder. Also, both, I and the audience are going through crises, so they should definitely call me.”