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News |  29 May 2019 21:25 |  By RnMTeam

Vin Nair celebrates Modi's victory with rock song

MUMBAI: Narendra Modi is all set to start his second term as the Prime Minister of world’s largest democracy, India. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate won elections with a majority mandate. Modi lovers in India as well as abroad, are elated with his thunderous victory and found their own ways to express their happiness. One of them is Vin Nair, a United Arab Emirates based Indian. Vin, who owns a band called, Vin Sinners has released a song, Nation 2.0 to celebrate Modi government’s victory.

What is amazing is that Vin wrote this song in anticipation of Modi’s victory and released it three days prior to the announcement of results. He was sure that Modi will win.

He staunchly explains, “The opposition to Modi was nothing but a narrative spun around a possibility of 10 potential Prime Ministers sharing power. I'd think that anyone with an IQ over four would know how downright ridiculous that idea was. Modi, on the other hand, leads by example and many may not like him, but he holds himself and his government accountable. He's not some 'chosen one' who landed on the throne. He worked his way up. People can associate with hard work and success and can, therefore, see where progress is going to come from.”

The song is penned by Vin himself and has an extremely Western sound to it, contrary to how people perceive BJP. However, Vin has a perfect reply to why he chose rock genre for a song on Modi, “For me, personally, music has no language, caste, creed or any divisive element. I listen to rock, metal, pop, lounge, house, dubstep, Hindustani classical, bhajans etc. Also, one of my favorite bands sings in German and I don't know a word of German!”

“The mood of the lyrics must come through in a song and this has happened in Nation 2.0. The lyrics, approach, and styling of the song has appealed to many board,” adds the lead singer of the band.

An ardent Modi follower, Vin credits the honorable Prime Minister of India for being an inspiration behind the song, “Narendra Modi is different. A brief look at his 12.5 years of tenure as Gujarat’s Chief Minister will show you how the state prospered to become one of the strongest and most powerful states in the country. While many people focus on Godhra, which was a ridiculous rhetoric campaign that Congress failed to validate and furthermore was proven otherwise in the court.”

The Nation 2.0, is a song that has, in a way, revived the band. Vin explains, “We released Nation 2.0 on 20 May 2019 on YouTube and An Instagram TV with a lyrics video. It is also available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. I have received tremendous positive feedback from many people who don't even listen to rock or heavy metal. The song just resonates with them and to me, that’s ‘job done’.”

Vin also speaks about says his almost decade old band, “I formed Vin Sinners in 2010. It project started off as a solo project, but we soon had a few members. Our first album, An Element of Surprise was released in 2011. Also, three songs, from the album, were at first, second and third position on for a brief period during 2012-2013, under the independent category.”

After Vin Sinners’ India tour in 2013, they got signed by giant music label, Universal Music, becoming the first band in the Middle-East to be signed by a major. Their second album, A Mighty Black Box with UMG released in India in April 2014. However, the past two years they have been independent.

While Nation 2.0 is gaining momentum, Vin and his band already have a future plan chalked out, “2019-2020 is going to be fairly busy for us after those quiet past five years. We had a lot of material in different stages of production and it took us a while to shortlist our favorite songs. We know what the album is going to contain. We are planning to release a bunch of lyrical videos in the coming months to promote new songs.”

The band is also approaching its decade of successful existence by releasing an anniversary compilation, too, next year, “This compilation album will carry 10-12 of our favorite tracks and some bonus tracks, but that's still early days.  We've been independent since 2017 and have a new record planned for later this year. It has been under development for the past four-five years, but we've gathered some momentum now and also working with a new producer. It's looks good for a late 2019-2020 release.”

He signs off saying, “It's looking good for us and it's certainly looking good for Nation 2.0.”