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News |  10 Jul 2019 19:51 |  By RnMTeam

Opening up about anxiety helped me: Becky G

MUMBAI:  "Do the dance, Becky G", "Becky sing the song... it is what you are supposed to do". These were among the comments that people passed when the Mexican-American singer Becky G was wondering why things were getting a "little bit harder" for her, and realised she was struggling with anxiety issues.

Instead of dealing with it all alone, the 22-year-old singer decided to share her struggle with her fans with an Instagram post earlier this year. Becky G, whose full name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez, says that has helped her to cope with the problem.

"There are a lot of topics these days that I feel like we are now more comfortable talking about. For me, two of those things have been anxiety and depression," Becky G told IANS in an interview here.

She added, "I feel those things are very real for me. I never realised how much of a real thing it was, because I thought I was just expected to go through these emotions and do the things --- 'Do the dance Becky G', 'Becky sing the song... it is what you are supposed to do'."

"I would wonder why it seemed a bit harder now, and what had changed. Life happens, and you have to take responsibility for yourself and that is one thing that I had to do," said the singer, who is the only Latina performing at the Prime Day Concert.

"Talking about it helped me in my journey. Knowing that there is help out there that people are with you (helped one cope with it). There are a lot of things that will happen and you will have no power over this. (Realising this) has been very helpful for me," she added.

Becky G started working when she was nine, doing commercials and posting covers of songs on YouTube. That's how she was spotted by producer-songwriter Dr. Luke. She came out with her debut single "Becky from the block" in 2013, but tasted success after her upbeat song "Shower" in 2014.

"It is crazy to think I have spent more of my life doing this than I have ever lived my life not doing it. And I kind of feel like an old lady, old soul," she said, looking back.

"I started working at a young age and I am the oldest of four kids. My parents were very young when they had us. Our journey was fun but also, at times, challenging. I am thankful to those hard times because it prepared me for the challenges I had to face in the industry," said Becky G.

The singer says she has seen her family "overcome so many things", which has made her believe that "anything is possible".

"I would say that a lot has changed (since the time she entered the industry) yet not a lot has changed because I still wake up every morning inspired and ready to work," she said.

Prime Day Concert is presented by Amazon Music. The concert line-up also includes Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and SZA. It is scheduled to be held on 10 July 2019, and will stream on Prime Video.

(Source: IANS)