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News |  22 Jul 2019 12:53 |  By RnMTeam

We need original music, says Shilpa Rao

MUMBAI: Shilpa Rao, who has given remarkable hits like Bulleya, Khuda Jaane etc. spoke to Radioandmusic on the current music scenario and much more.
When a topic rose up on the comeback of independent music again, Shilpa exclaims, “Our music has been driven by film music for quite some time. When people hear the word ‘Indian music’, they feel its film music. But, our actual fundamentals lie in Indian classical music, there is Carnatic music, folk music and this is primarily what Indian music stands for.”
“There is a thought running in everyone’s mind that any aspiring singer can only be successful if he or she is a part of film music. But, this isn’t true as today, you will see musicians driving from Indian music, which should be the goal,” she further adds.
She feels original music should be brought in the market more, “We need original music as it challenges you more when you have to sing new compositions.”
Lastly, she shared thoughts that run through her mind while recording a song, “A singer needs to please herself/himself while singing and needs to feel at home. Moreover, you need to express a song your way and create a version that nobody else can create.”