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News |  07 Sep 2019 11:00 |  By Minal Metkari

We can now ask for 'our' pay-scale since Gully Boy: Dee MC

MUMBAI: Female rapper Dee MC, who his gearing for her upcoming album, Dee = MC2, revealed that the pay scale received by rappers has improved after Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy.

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Speaking exclusively to RnM, she said, “Honestly, until last year, it was really difficult to get on the same page with brands, trying to get creative content from us. But, since Gull Boy, it has become a little easier for a bunch of people (not everybody). There is certain leverage now for us as we can ask for the pay-scale, we want. Also, we have a creative control to make the type of advertisement, we want.”

Dee MC, who is one of the first female rappers of India, is quite hopeful about the future of hip hop in India.

I would like the process to be faster though it’s definitely going in the right direction. The speed could be more in terms of companies wanting to invest in this culture because unless and until record labels and established organisations don’t put money into hip-hop, it is going to be difficult to grow it in spite of artists doing their part. Also, for Indian hip-hop to go international, a lot of investment is essential in this genre.”

Lastly, Dee MC gave a message to budding rappers. She concluded, “I would request you guys to not get into rapping because it is a current trend because if you do it juts for its sake, then it will become something that you just tried and left. It won’t stick with you for a long time. Your first focus should be only self improvement from what you did earlier. If you look for validation as soon as you start, then you be discouraged very soon.”

We hope budding rappers are taking notes from Dee MC.