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News |  27 Sep 2019 21:52 |  By Minal Metkari

I was very scared initially and had sleepless nights, says Asees Kaur on 'acting' debut with VYRL Originals' 'Kisi Aur Naal'

MUMBAI: Heartbreaks, one-sided love, only a person, who has gone through it, can understand the pain. Singer Asees Kaur did go through it but for her new VYRL Originals single, Kisi Aur Naal as she made her acting debut.

In exclusive interview with RnM on the song, Asees Kaur spoke wholeheartedly about her acting debut and the entire experience of singing and featuring in the song.

Asee said,“Kisi Aur Naal is very close to my heart. Firstly, I like the vibe of the song. It’s an emotional song and I was almost in tears while singing it. I personally like singing emotional songs.”

“It is for the first time that I am featuring in a music video, marking my first ‘acting’ experience. A lot of work has been done on both me and my acting for the song. I, therefore, consider Kisi Aur Naal as my debut independent single,” she further said on her acting debut.

On her experience of debuting as an actor for a song, the Akh Ladh Jaave singer exclaimed, “Honestly, I was very scared initially and had sleepless nights. I was worried about how would I act. For me singing is very easy as I am doing it since childhood, but acting is something, which is very new. In this song, in particular, I had to show a lot of emotions like being happy even when the guy (in the video) is leaving me. I had to express happiness for him being happy in his life when I was quite unhappy in my life. This is a very difficult emotion to express through acting though I can efficiently show it through my singing.”

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Asees credits VYRL Originals creative head for her exceptional acting in the song.

“I would definitely love to mention about VYRL Originals creative head Pooja Gujral who helped me a lot to portray the character in the song. She literally guided me on how I should express my emotions. We also had workshops. It was a fun and very learning experience and the outcome has also come out to very nice,” she shared.

On her association with VYRL Originals, Kaur exclaimed, “When you are doing independent music, you have a complete freedom about how you want to make it, be its lyrics and feel etc. VYRL Originals gave me complete freedom while working on Kisi Aur Naal. In fact from the very day, we started working on the audio, it was a very homely atmosphere. Yash Anand, who has done a fabulous job on the audio video, was very open to our changes. We changed the hook of the song several times and tried ways to make the song better.”

“When it came to the video, there was a lot of ideation on where and how we will shoot the song and who will feature in it along with me. It was a complete film like video shoot.”

On being quizzed if she would act in a film, Asees firmly answered, “I won’t act in a film ever, but would definitely keep it to singles only.”

When asked if she would feature in her future singles, hopeful Asees Kaur said, “If this video gets lots of love and people accept me as an actor, then I would definitely try featuring in more videos.”

On her upcoming projects, Asees said, “There are a lot of projects, including film songs about which, I can’t disclose right now.”

Lastly Asees gave a message to her fans, “I want to thank my fans for always loving my songs. I also wish that like my other songs, they love Kisi Aur Naal too. If the song touches your heart somewhere then our motive of creating the song will be complete.”

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Meanwehile Kisi Aur Naal is currently trending on fifth position on YouTube.

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