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News |  15 Nov 2019 17:01 |  By Minal Owal

In the era of party and peppy songs 'Aaj Jage Rehna' will soothe everyone: Himani Kapoor

MUMBAI: Himani Kapoor known for her songs like Jogi Mahi, Dum Dum and Dil Diya Hai is back with her new release Aaj Jage Rehna from Mootichoor Chaknachoor.

Aaj Jage Rehna is a type of song everyone craves for in today’s music industry because the type of composition this song holds is always heard through a male singer, while now the scenario is different.

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Song Aaj Jage Rehna has been composed by Siddharth Amit Bhavsar who happens to be an established singer and music director from the Gujrati music industry.

In talks with Himani Kapoor on the song she added, “Siddharth Amit Bhavsar wrote this song when he was 16 17 years old, after years now he approached me to sing this song. When I went through, the lyrics were so comforting during the recording I finished it in a take.”

 Later when the song got selected for Mootichoor Chaknachoor it was sung in husky and a normal tone. The composition of the song had the charm and that’s when Himani added, “In the era of party and peppy songs Aaj Jage Rehna will soothe everyone.”

While it was after a long time that Himani got back into the music scene. After quizzing her on the same, she mentioned, “I got married eight years ago and my priorities changed, after that I gave up singing as a carrier. Eventually things didn’t work out the way they were supposed to and we separated. I came back in 2016 by the time music industry had undergone a drastic change. I started back from the scratch where the competition was sky scrapping.”

Meanwhile Himani’s comeback has buzzed strong enough and her collaboration with Meiyang Chang on #intezaarRahega is getting a good response.

She is also working on her two songs which will be released soon.

 Stay tuned for her foreseen collaborations for a romantic Punjabi song and Gazhal in a Marathi movie. Also the singer revealed that she is willing to collaborate with Arijit Singh and Richa Sharma whom she considers an ideal.

 Lastly Himani gives a message to all the budding singers, “Keep faith in yourself things will happen the way it worked for me, stay firm and don’t give up.”