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News |  20 Jan 2020 17:45 |  By Namrata Kale

MTV Hustle contestant M-Zee Bella: Biggest competition and motivation was EPR

MUMBAI: M-Zee Bella aka Deepak Singh ruled the MTV Hustle stage for the longest time. On winning many verbal accolades from judges Nucleya, Raja Kumari and Raftaar, Bella always was in the list of their favorites. After battling with equally popular contestants like KING, Shloka, EPR, the rapper successfully lifted up the trophy.

In a candid conversation with Radioandmusic, Bella revealed that the biggest competition and motivation was EPR. “In terms of lyrics when I had some difficulties then it was EPR who helped me out.” 

Talking about the most challenging point Bella said, “The last battle between, me and EPR was quite a moment for me."

He further added, “Earlier I did face a lot of challenges and people used to think I am cocky. They used to ask me how much confidence I have and I used to never tell them because whenever I told them they have always thought I was overconfident. Coming at this stage I haven’t to justify it to people. My focus was to go, perform and give it my best and I did exactly the same.”