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News |  28 Feb 2020 11:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Sushant Divgikar: I'm going as Rani Kohenur at fourth edition of Godrej L'Affaire

MUMBAI: Zee TV Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2018 contestant Sushant Divgikar who is now renowned for unplugged songs in the music industry was present at the Godrej L'Affaire. In a chat with us the artist shared a glimpse into his life.

Sharing about his musical journey Sushant said,”I love music and I always wanted to sing, but I didn’t have time to give to it. My First stage appearance was at the age of 18 with Usha Uthup, I received good feedback and that’s where I decided to sing. Music became the centre stage of my life”.

On explaining on how he manages his two voices he exclaimed, “It’s just there, it’s an art and I’m blessed with it. When I was younger I use to sing like any normal child but as I grew I realised that I can sing in falsetto very naturally without any training. I have 4 octaves and 3 semitones and I realised all this technical terms only after I got into Music. One time when I was singing Whitney Houston’s song “I will always love you” in my bathroom, I hit a high note and that’s when I realised I could do the whistle note”.

“Now I can sing whatever song, which ever languages just like my Idol Usha Uthup who can sing in 32 languages and she sings like a man too, I think it’s her blessings”.

Further, when asked which name he would move forward with in the future he added, "Both, why should I say I look good as Sushant and look better as Rani. After I’m done with my performance I’m back as Sushant, that I’m very clear about. I perform as a woman because that’s very empowering, I think women are the strongest creations and it’s my pleasure that I can represent women through my art”.

Sushant has completely stopped doing TV shows and is focusing more on his musical career. He unveils that he will be releasing his singles by the end of April and will also be collaborating with legendary artists in the industry.

Commenting on his association with Godrej the 29 year old singer said, “I’ve worked with them since 2013, the first time I came here was on 2014 when I won Mr Gay India than Mr Gay world and Big Boss. I did a lot of training for their employees, I also did the first season of L’Affaire as Sushant Divgikar but this time I’m going as Rani Kohenur. This is the only organization that believes in Inclusivity, diversity and representation of people, they don’t distinguish and discriminate their employees. If you have the talent they give you the platform it’s not tokenism”.

“People should learn from Godrej” he added.