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News |  04 Mar 2020 12:59 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Payal Dev’s "Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai" is your go-to Holi celebration track

MUMBAI: Payal Dev, the nightingale of India has released a new hit song “Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai” with 25 million views and has been trending in #1 soon after the release for a row of four days.

Speaking about the new hit song she exclaimed, “Some of my compositions like “Dil Jaaniye” which was a romantic song, than “Tum Hi Aana” is a sad version song so this time I wanted to do a dance track. I’m a versatile singer, my main motive was to show to my listeners that I'm versatile composure too”.

Commenting on her experience of sharing the mic with Pawan Singh she said, “It was remarkable. He usually sings Bhojpuri songs and “Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai” is a Bollywood song which was a lot different from it but he did it perfectly”.

The 'Bhare Bazar' singer is doing an amazing job in the music industry, she has done a lot of collaborations with her Husband Aditya Dev and is able to perfectly balance her personal and work-life

When asked about her thoughts on working in the same industry with Aditya Dev, she shared, “He is a very supportive husband; I would give him the credit for all my work achievements because he is always ready to pick me up when I fall. Life becomes very easy when you have a supportive family which is very important for your work”.

“He is a very prominent music production, and has the magic to transform any song to a beautiful one” she added.

The duo from the new hit “Kamariya Hila Rahi Hai” Payal Dev and Pawan Singh is coming up with something more interesting again sooner this year.

Lastly when asked about her bucket list of collaboration she said, “Arijit Singh for sure because why not, everyone loves him. I would be thrilled if he sings any of my compositions”.

“I hope people love my work and support me” she further told.