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News |  18 Mar 2020 16:42 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Akull talks about his new song 'Laal Chunariya'

MUMBAI: Singer, composer and producer Akull who had a massive success on his “Laal Bindi” brings to you “Laal Chunariya” with a performance of Punjabi dance featuring Chetna Pande in the music video under VYRL Originals.

This is the third time Akull has worked with VYRL Originals, with the great success of “Laal Bindi” and “I Love You” the singer comments on this, “This collaboration is a different one comparing to the others, soon after I completed my song recording, we were going to shoot for the music video and that’s when we decided to direct it ourselves. We conceive the whole idea and concept, they were very kind to make us do that and moreover we were in the same page of what we wanted. We discussed the idea, played the song and shoot the video, this time I’m directing the video myself”.

Watch here:

Speaking about his new song “Laal Chunariya” he exclaimed, “It’s a funny dance romantic song, very urban and cool type in terms of the vibe and it has a really interesting old charm to the melody and the idea was to keep the reference of the old-world vibe”.

The “I Love You” singer unveils about his new song video that it is all fun and colourful.

On working along with Chetna Pande for the music video he said, “She was great and she did a great job, brought more light to the music video”

Over multiple memories during the shoot of the music video the “Laal Chunariya” singer further said, “There’s this particular shot in the music video, we’re lying down in some kind like a pond and it was shoot on the month of January so it was freezing cold. As soon as we finished the shoot we rushed for the towels, that was something very challenging”

I love your song titled “I Love You” it has reached more than 34 million views, growing so much in the musical industry leaves a message to his listeners, “My listeners are very special, they have been with me since “Laal Bindi” and very supportive and loving. I would love to thank them and I hope they like this new song and they share it much more than the before”