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News |  09 Apr 2020 17:58 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Vishal Mishra shares his personal experience working for "Aaj Bhi"

MUMBAI: Multitalented, Vishal Mishra cannot keep calm and has recently released song “Aaj Bhi” under VYRL Originals where he said this is the most 'personal' song he has ever worked on.

“Aaj Bhi” isn’t a breakup song, said the singer. “It’s about moving ahead in life yet keeping the memories alive”

Speaking about his new song, “For a very long time, I have deal upon this context that no matter where we reach in our lives, the same moments and people that stay with us forever. We might not even think of them but they are somewhere deep inside our heart. At some point, there are moments when we see them and our feelings zone out. It is from personal experience and a universal feeling. The language used in the song is also not poetic but more like a casual conversation between two people”

Watch here:

The initial idea of the song was inspired when he was reading poetry somewhere, it read ‘the first act of love that somebody commits, making promises to stay’ “when I look around, I have everything I dreamed of but you weren’t there. I’m not sad or happy about it but I still miss you sometimes” he exclaimed.

Mishra expresses the most challenging aspect of being a music multitasker, “Music itself is challenging, any artist will admit that. Its difficult sometimes as an artist as you’re consistently conceiving something, essentially many don’t understand the exact genre of the song of what you made for. It’s a very different process but that’s how an artist is supposed to be."

“I believe music is the last magic left in the world and it can change the way you think and feel” he adds

When asked what are the new things that he is trying during this lockdown, he added “I’m only thinking about Aaj Bhi…. (laughs away) I have a film that’s coming up soon, I just released a track for corona for the country where a lot of artist has come up and initiated for the people

“This month is all about Aaj Bhi, that’s my priority”

“I would love them to stay inside their house and watch Aaj Bhi and to keep supporting me”