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News |  08 Aug 2020 18:22 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Divya Kumar drops first Hindi original song 'Zariya'

MUMBAI: After the massive success of “Banna” singer Divya Kumar brings to you his first hindi original song “Zariya” which reflects on the simplest yet important things in life.

The song was composed by Divya’s cousin, Yash Chauhan, and written by his Brother-in-Law, Avinash Chouhan, hit him up when he heard it for the first time. They were actually planning for the next single after “Banna”, which was very graciously accepted by the audiences and now they wanted a song that would keep that faith alive in their audiences through their music.

Talking about “Zariya”, Divya stated, “How one should have a dream and also have the courage, the ability, the dedication to actually live that dream. No matter how hard things get, how badly you fail, the most important thing is to get back up again and walk the path with all your courage, confidence, and hope. You may find people who give you hope, you may meet people who walk along with you on your path, but it doesn't mean you have the same goal. You always have to be your own hope, your own guide, your own ‘ZARIYA’, that is what will always be your strength and you will value these things more than anyone, once you start living your dreams”.

Watch here:

Commenting on the inspiration behind the track, he expressed that there are a lot of people, who inspire him; his parents top that list, and then some great achievers, whom he looks up to. That's how they tried to promote the song, tried to make the audiences understand what the song actually talks about. “The likes of APJ Kalam, MS Dhoni, A R Rahman, SRK, are amongst those people who have inspired me in various stages of my life”.

Further, he shares about his first Hindi independent song release, which was a Rajasthani called “Banna”, an ode to the musically rich land of Rajasthan, to the people of Rajasthan, to their roots from Rajasthan and a special dedication to her grandfather, Pt. Shivram, who gave them all the music they have in their family. “It's his blessings and love, that we are able to do music”.

The lockdown actually helped a lot of artists to sit down for a while and start thinking about independent music. They have a great past of their pop and independent music artists, which in the lights and glamour of Bollywood, was fading away. Divya thanked the lockdown, really helped him to work on the music which he wanted to share with the people, who have given me so much love in his little Bollywood career. He also appreciated the Bollywood music industry for whatever he has achieved in all these years. He thinks the audiences will give as much love to his independent, original music, as they have to him in Bollywood.

Sharing his experience and challenges of the “New System” of shooting and recording, “It wasn't difficult to record as we all have our small setups at our homes and also, the mixing engineers, musicians all have been working from home and there are friends who have genuinely helped me in making these songs. Grateful to my amazing musician friends - Darshan Doshi, Umang Doshi, Rhythm Shaw, Krishna Kishor, Tapas Roy, Rahul Singh”. For the video, they were not able to go out and shoot, but still, they planned to release the audio/ lyrical videos. He really wanted to show the stories behind the songs. Hopefully, we can expect the music video soon.

Music right now is on the verge of growing differently. Independent music has really been a keen interest for a lot of big artists. “I think this will give more hope and faith to people who are waiting to hear or pursue good music. I don't plan anything. I didn't plan any of this, what I have under my name, the songs, the career as a singer; it all happens when the time is right. I have always been very patient about everything I wanted in life. I just went with the flow and just kept working on my skills and my talent. Kaam Karte Jao, Phal Ki Chinta Upar Wala Karega”, he concluded.