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News |  25 Sep 2020 17:20 |  By RnMTeam

5 tracks through which Vh1 acquaints you with the basics of ISL to communicate with the hearing impaired

MUMBAI: Music is a form of solace for all of us, whether it be to motivate us out of a funk or to make a great day even better. While most of us can hear the beautiful sounds of world-class musicians, a part of us still cannot – the hearing impaired. This year on 27 September 2020 on World Deaf Day, Vh1 India is introducing an innovative way to engage with them through music – the creation of a state-of-the-art sign language concert for them to enjoy the scintillating melodies just like most of us through a specially curated holistic experience for them. 

This gala will take members of the hearing impaired community and music aficionados to a wonderful escapade with entertaining performances by some of Indian’s trending musicians.Artists such as Mali, Avanti, Natania, Zephyrtone, Tesher, Mangal Survarnan& Aneesh Gera and Raghav Meattlewill perform LIVE on a split screen alongside an ISL interpreter who will present the lyrics to viewers through sign language. The interpreters will also decode the sign language to lyrics of some of the most popular international hits including Armaan Malik’s “Control”, Ananya Birla’s “Let There Be Love” and Raja Kumari’s “City Slum”. Ahead of this phenomenal virtual experience that is set to unfold, here are five tracks that you definitely should not miss out on.

1.  Control by Armaan Malik                

Bollywood’s sensational Armaan Malik broke into the international music industry masterfully with this groovy track. Control is his first very English track that was deeply appreciated from its pop sound that blends Eastern and Western styles seamlessly. The track did phenomenally well as it topped at #1 iTunes charts in India. Armaan became the first Indian singer-songwriter to be featured on the Times Square Billboard in New York City, elevating his fame to the global stage.

2.  Let There Be Love by Ananya Birla

Dynamic pop sensation Ananya Birla, with an impressive 300 million global streams, delighted her fans by releasing her track” Let There Be Love” to elevate their spirits in lockdown. She recorded the electronic anthem in her makeshift studio in Los Angeles, along with a bright and uplifting music video. The track provided catharsis for the singer, stating that creating the track gave her hope to come out of these trying times stronger. Audiences resonated with the upbeat track and felt deeply moved by her vulnerability and openness.

3.  City Slums by Raja Kumari feat Divine

Collaborating with India’s hip hop king, Divine,Rajakumari captured the spirit of the streets of Mumbai beautifully with the song “City Slums”. The music video of the rap anthem explored different facets of the city, adding an aesthetic take to the catchy track. The music video garnered more than 2 million views in a single day, making the debut song an immense success!

4.  Play by Mali

Independent artist Mali’s Play is a tribute to her grandfather, with him making a special feature with a harmonica solo. The pleasant track instantly sets audiences at ease and received ample critical acclaim. The sentimental music video for the same features a beautiful montage of the two-spending time together in their ancestral home and stirring visual of the two performing the collaborative track together.

5.  Boring I Love You by Raghav Meattle

Raghav Meattle of Stage 2 fame, John Mayar inspired “Boring I Love You’ is a unique take on a love song. Depicting the struggles it takes to write a song about someone you truly love, created a simplistic song for the deaf and dumb that highlights the magic of a classic, I love you. The singer-songwriter rose to fame while juggling his corporate career with his stint on Stage 2. Since securing the semi-finalist position, he has skyrocketed into a national sensation.