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News |  13 Nov 2020 11:11 |  By RnMTeam

MTV Sound Trippin’s Mumbai episode is an ode to the city and its wonder women

MUMBAI: There goes a saying that “Music is everywhere. It’s in the air between us, waiting to be sung” – As ace musician Ankur Tewari cruises his way from sound to story to song, the upcoming episode of MTV Sound Trippin’ brings him to witness the tunes from ‘Aamchi Mumbai’, the busiest metro in India. But it’s not just the spirit of life that defines Mumbai for him but the sense of absolute safety the city imparts to its residents even at the oddest hours of the day. And interestingly, this forms the core of his next composition.

According to Ankur, the Mumbai episode was the toughest to pull off from the series. Post the celebrated soundtrack of Gully Boy, he wanted to make another hip-hop track which resonates with the city vibe, including city sounds. But Mumbai had lost its original impression during the pandemic and he had to revisit his initial plan. Ankur mentions that when he first came to Mumbai, what pleased him the most was the freedom that women enjoyed in the city than anywhere else in India. This feeling of safety for women specially during late nights stood out to him back then and continues to do so till today. Hence, riding on to this sentiment, Ankur creates a women centric song coupled with the power of rhythm, art and creativity to bring to life the soulful music portrayed in the Mumbai episode.

Out of the four episodes, this is the only song Ankur hasn’t done the lyrics for but left it to the expertise of Lisa Mishra and Won Tribe - a female hip hop duo of Won and Sonu – a beatboxer. To add a tinge of urban charm to the track, Ankur uses the sounds from the Hyundai Venue Car for the first time. He extracts the sound of the indicator as the base, adds the sound of the car reviving as the bass coupled with the sound of the seatbelt swish as an overtone, to dedicate a special track to the wonder women of our country.

Tune in to MTV Sound Trippin’ this Friday to hear the most unheard, unexplored music straight from the lanes of Mumbai, at 7PM only on MTV.